Publishers & Creators

Uru instantly understands the content of your video and all of the untapped monetization opportunities inside it. Based on these learnings, it pinpoints appropriate brand partners and instantly immerses them in your video in a seamless, likable way.


Uru helps locate on-message videos, then immerses your brand in them - all for a fraction of the cost of traditional branded content. Enjoy 100% visibility and 0% skippability across all video platforms and reach consumers from inside the videos they love..

Video Platforms

Uru empowers your users to monetize in a new way, even on archival content, and gives your advertisers another premium ad unit that scales across all uploads. Enrich your whole ecosystem with a third, smarter pillar of video monetization.

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Our SaaS lets creators and publishers instantly identify the objects, themes, and monetization opportunities inside a video and makes pairing them with brand graphics as easy as applying photo filters. Monetize in an immersed, unblockable way prior to publishing to any video player.

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Our API offers the same technology available through our SaaS in a more customizable format. It lets video player platforms to empower their users to monetize in a new, content-friendly way and lets video publishers consumer Uru directly from inside their content management system.