April 27, 2018


Uru Team Joins Adobe


At Uru, we embarked on our AI and computer vision journey two years ago with the goal of helping brands understand and leverage all the visual content being created today. Now, the AI-powered revolution that once seemed like science fiction is transforming our personal and professional lives – including how brands interact with us in real-time. 


We’ve always been looking around the corner at what’s next with AI and innovation, and who can help us stay ahead of the curve. Today, the Uru team is excited to announce that it is joining Adobe as part of the group working on Adobe Sensei – the company’s AI and machine learning platform. 


It’s no secret that Adobe is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the creation and consumption of digital experiences. Adobe’s scientists and engineers have been using AI, machine learning, deep learning and advanced algorithms for more than a decade to help its customers design and deliver better experiences across every channel and screen. With Adobe Sensei, the company has put a name to its innovations using AI and machine learning to solve complex experience challenges – from auto tagging and editing photos or videos, to targeting specific audiences with a personalized marketing campaign, and understanding the meaning and sentiment of documents. 


AI and Adobe Sensei represent that next big chapter in the company’s journey – and the Uru team is honored to be part of it. There are exciting plans and new AI innovations on Adobe’s roadmap so it’s time to get to work. 


For more information about Adobe Sensei, visit https://www.adobe.com/go/sensei and follow @AdobeSensei on Twitter.