Our API ingests a video or photo and returns, in the form of structured data, an in-depth blueprint for pairing that particular content with brands. We map out surfaces inside it that can be filled with brand graphics, identify optimal ad insertion times, return labels for the objects and themes inside it, and more. Leverage this API from inside your apps and websites in countless ways. Use it to power new ad units or product listings. Or score videos for brand safety. Break boundaries.



We built a sample application atop our own API. It is a great option if you want to leverage our API but don’t have your own app or content management system. Use it to swiftly find and fill branding opportunities inside visual content. It can also help centralize —and provide singular data on— collaborations and campaigns with content creators or brands. Take your video branding into the future inside an easy-as-pie user interface that can be accessed from any device.