Can MyEG renew Roadtax?

Can MyEG renew Roadtax?

Pay to renew road tax online now and receive it the next working day. Available for both cars and motorcycles.

Can I renew road tax at post office Malaysia?

Pos Malaysia is accepting “walk-ins” for renewal of road tax and driving licences at any of its post offices nationwide, effective on Monday. Pos Malaysia said it will continue to implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) as directed by the health authorities at all post offices.

How do I renew my MCO MyEG road tax?

Renewing your road tax via MyEG is pretty easy. But to begin the process, you will need to create an account first. Then, simply login to your account and choose the road tax renewal option from the menu. Fill in the required details and proceed to make payment online and confirm the renewal of your car road tax.

Can we renew road tax during MCO?

JPJ and Puspakom counters will also be allowed to operate at 100% capacity from Sept 6 onwards. The government has agreed to extend the moratorium period for the renewal of road tax and driving licences until the end of the year.

How do I get MYEG e voucher?


  1. Prepare document required:
  2. Provide simple informations:
  3. Receive quotation to confirm the renewal.
  4. Payment method:
  5. Receive softcopy of cover note & receipts by email.
  6. Receive the road tax sticker by MYEG delivery in 2 working days.
  7. Receive your free voucher in 5 working days.

How do I call MYEG?

Corporate Office (HQ)

  1. GENERAL: [email protected].
  2. SABAH: [email protected].
  3. MAID: [email protected].
  4. FOREIGN WORKER: [email protected]. Customer Service Helpline.
  5. MYEG HQ: 03-7801 8888.
  6. SABAH: 088-702459 / 088-702259.

What documents do I need to renew road tax?

Which documents do I need to renew my tax? A reminder from the DVLA (known as a V11) or your Registration Certificate (known as a V5C). If you have lost your V5C Registration Certificate, you can also tax your vehicle using a (V62) form.

What documents do I need to renew road tax at post office?

Renew Road Tax at the Post Office Do make sure that you bring along the following documents: Identification Card / MyKad. Vehicle Ownership Certificate. Insurance Cover Note.

Can we renew Roadtax online?

It’s known that most car owners have expired road tax due to the ongoing Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Only recently, counters are open for road tax renewal. However, if you’re uncomfortable to do so – you can opt to renew it online.

When can I renew my Roadtax?

A: Road tax can be renewed 2 months in advance prior to expiry date in any JPJ Offices, post offices or online.

How do I change my MyEG picture?

If your driver’s license expired way before the date mentioned, here’s how you can cepat-cepat renew it online

  1. Visit MyEG website. Click on the Driving License Renewal (CDL) button.
  2. Do make sure you have the right picture.
  3. Fill up details needed.
  4. Lastly, confirm your details and make the payment.

How do I get a refund on MyEG?

Cancellation and Refund These refunds will be processed by MST. Should it be necessary to cancel or amend your reservation, please contact our Customer Service team on (+603- 76648838 or [email protected] ) one day before arrival, to avoid the cancellation/No Show fee.

Can MyEG and POS renew my road tax?

Now myeg and pos also cannot renew my roadtax Seems like the jpj system no longer allow for the date to backdated. On nornal days (not during pandemic), once you renew your road tax you’ll have 7 days grace period ti renew your road tax.

What is the owner ID for mymyeg road tax?

MyEG ROAD TAX RENEWAL Owner & Vehicle Information Owner ID/IC No. 781010154567 / A1234567 Owner Category Please select1 – Citizen of Malaysia2 – Police3 – Army4 – Company/Organisation5 – Government6 – Statutory Body9 – Non Malaysia Citizen0 – Permenent Resident of Malaysia

Do you get road tax at post offices in Petaling Jaya?

Bodo gomen. Look at all my stars!! check with post office yesterday, they said April only got road tax. Look at all my stars!! take 1 week for me to receive the road tax. they say they didn’t have enough runners to do the delivery. PETALING JAYA: Road tax renewals for private vehicles have been suspended at post offices nationwide until March 31.