What is hungry and angry?

What is hungry and angry? When you’re so hungry you’re hangry, there may be more causing those irritable feelings than your growling stomach. You’re “hangry” — that is, hungry and angry. Toddlers may be the demographic most often associated with empty-bellied crankiness, but it’s a feeling that people of all ages experience. How do we […]

Which CLEP math is easiest?

Which CLEP math is easiest? Easiest Math Exams CLEP Exam Year Pass Rate College Mathematics 2017 76% College Algebra 2017 52% College Mathematics 2017 66% College Algebra 2017 24% Which college student would most likely be awarded credit for a CLEP exam? Answer: D. Aria, who is taking a CLEP exam in accounting because of […]

What happened to the era?

What happened to the era? The Senate passed the ERA with an overwhelming 84-8 vote on March 22, sending it to the states for ratification—but with a deadline, requiring the requisite 38 states to ratify the amendment within seven years. (The Constitution requires amendments to be ratified by three-quarters of states before being adopted.) What […]

What is a line in design?

What is a line in design? Line is probalby the most fundamental of all the elements of design. A more usable deifnition might be that line is the path of a dot, point etc. through space and that is always has more length than thickness. Lines are not all the same, especially in art. What […]

What is the possessive form of class?

What is the possessive form of class? To form the singular possessive, simply add the apostrophe following the final “s” (class’ and grass’). To form the plural possessives of these nouns, explain that first the nouns must be made plural (classes, grasses), then simply add an apostrophe to the end of the word (classes’, grasses’). […]

What should instructions include?

What should instructions include? Here are the basic features of instructions: Specific and precise title. Introduction with background information. List of parts, tools, and conditions required. Sequentially ordered steps. Graphics. Safety information. Conclusion that signals completion of task. What is the importance of software? Software engineering is important because specific software is needed in almost […]