Do I need a zero offset seatpost?

Do I need a zero offset seatpost?

There is no advantage to a zero setback seatpost for a road bike. Fewer people all the time take any stock in the idea that femur length and the resulting knee over pedal measurements are relevant to producing the proper rider position. It’s better to have the rider properly balanced over the saddle and ignore KOP.

Do I need seatpost setback?

Touring, city, and recreational riders tend to need more setback then a racer does. The more upright position requires more setback to put your legs in a more efficient bio-mechanical place. The other factor is the rail length of the saddle. Different saddle makers have different rail lengths.

Can you reverse a setback seatpost?

A – Yes, the setback seatpost can be used as a set forward seatpost. No modifications are necessary.

Why are seat posts offset?

A seatpost with offset is necessary when the seat tube angle of the frame is too steep to give the desired saddle setback (the horizontal distance between a plumb line hung from the nose of the saddle and the bottom bracket spindle). Conversely, an “in line” post may be required if the seat tube angle is too slack.

What is saddle offset?

Bike saddle offset is similar to saddle setback, although offset or “layback” comes from the seat post rather than adjustment of the saddle. Bike saddle offset can range from 0 mm to 45 mm and is often used when riders with longer femur’s need to get further behind the bottom bracket.

How much is a saddle setback?

Bike saddle offset can range from 0 mm to 45 mm and is often used when riders with longer femur’s need to get further behind the bottom bracket. Using a saddle with more offset will allow greater adjustment behind the bottom bracket. However, for most riders under 180cm, no special saddle offset is needed.

What is seat post offset?

Offset is the distance between the centerline of the seatpost tube, and the centerline of the clamp area. Shims are often available to adapt a too-small seatpost to a too-large seat tube.

Are bike seatposts universal?

Yes, most modern bike seats are universal and can be interchanged with different seat posts. The exceptions are if you have much older equipment or a specialized bike. It’s best to check the number of rails and the rail width on your saddle to ensure a correct fit to the seat adapter.

Can you turn seatpost around?

Re: Can I turn my seatpost around 180deg? Yes you can. People often do it with Tri-Bikes. But you don’t want to (unless you’re a triathlete and want to deliberately cycle with straight legs so it’s easier to run afterwards).

What is an inline seatpost?

Layback: A seatpost shaft can be inline (i.e. straight, with no kinks or bends) or layback (with a shallow-angled bend towards the top of the shaft which puts the saddles slightly farther back relative to an inline post).

What is the offset of a dropper post?

The current post is the standard Connect post with single bolt and around 22mm offset. Most of the droppers have zero offset with one of the few exceptions being the Giant Contact dropper with the single bolt.

What is the best zero setback seatpost?

Nice FSA Carbon seatpost. 31.6 x 350 (actually measures at 355mm) Very strong zero setback seatpost the can go on anything with two wheels. Thanks for looking. Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 Seatpost 27.2mm 350mm Zero Setback – W/ box- 213g Light!

What is the size of the ZeroZero seatpost?

Zero setback color: silver 30.9 x 250mm 157 grams seatpost was cut from original length down to 250mm Excellent USED condition USA Priority Mail shipping. PayPal payments only I will only ship to confirmed addresses

What is the rarest zero setback s-works seatpost?

This is the rare zero setback S-works seatpost. It is only available by special order from Specialized. This post was only used for a couple of months and is in excellent condition. It comes with the carbon fiber S-Works cradle. Posted with You are bidding on a used but in excellent condition Easton EC 90 Carbon Seatpost with Zero Setback.

What size is the FSA SL-k seatpost?

This is a very lightly used FSA SL-K 27.2 x 350 seatpost with zero setback. It was on my bike for about a month before it was replaced by another seatpost with some setback. There is only some mild wear where the seatpost had been inserted.