Does Sato marry Takagi?

Does Sato marry Takagi?

Ran congratulates Takagi on his engagement to Sato, but is shocked when he learns that the ring is not from him. He says that he feels like he’s on a tightrope with Sato, which helps Conan solve the case.

Does Sato like Takagi?

Wataru Takagi is Sato’s main love interest of the Detective Conan series. Since first meeting Sato, Takagi developed strong romantic feelings for her, but had difficulty in expressing his feelings due to his shyness around her as well as the fact that Sato was oblivious of his romantic feelings for her.

Who loves Sato?

Korra. Korra is the main protagonist of the series and is the main love interest of Asami Sato. Her relationship with Korra didn’t start well, since Korra was jealous of Asami’s relationship with her then love interest Mako.

When did Takagi and Sato start dating?

Actually at that point they aren’t dating, their first date is after the Tokyo Tower Bomb case(304), Episode 358-59, Metro Police Love Story 5. A summary for everything before that: Metro Police Love 1: Sato, Shiratori and Takagi go to solve a case, Conan snuck into their car and helped them with the case.

Who is Matsuda in Detective Conan?

Jotaro Matsuda (松田 丈太郎, Matsuda Jōtarō?), former professional boxer, is a character in the manga Detective Conan: Wild Police Story.

What episode does Takagi and nishikata kiss?

Episode 10/Season 2.

How old is Miwako Paradise Kiss?

Miwako Sakurada
Age 18-28
Born July 4 (Cancer)♋
Hair color Pink

Is Misaki in love with Sato?

Sato eventually finds Misaki and confesses the truth that he needs and loves her in an attempt to prevent her from going through with the suicide. In the end, they decide to continue their relationship while Misaki finishes her high school equivalency, and they go to college together.

Did Matsuda like Sato?

While Sato originally found him cold and aloof, they still grew close and cared deeply about each other, falling in love at some point of time after he transferred to Sato’s division and met her.