How do I adjust the sensitivity on my Somfy Wind Sensor?

How do I adjust the sensitivity on my Somfy Wind Sensor?


  1. Slide the housing off the base plate in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  2. Use a small FLAT HEAD screw driver to remove the electronics from the housing.
  3. Use a small FLAT HEAD screw driver to adjust the sensitivity dial to the desired position.

How do you test a Somfy Wind Sensor?

Test the sensor by pushing up and down on the awning front bar or arm until it begins to retract. You can use the remote to stop the awning after 5 seconds (first test mode).

How does the Somfy wind sensor work?

Somfy Motors and Somfy wind/motion sensors communicate frequently, and if the wind/motion sensor senses acceleration beyond the threshold it is set at for your application (awning, screen etc.), then the unit will trigger a signal to the motor to close.

Why does my somfy awning keeps retracting?

If the awning automatically retracts every 30 to 60 minutes and and no wind is present, it means the batteries need to be replaced. Please refer to the “Changing Batteries on an Eolis 3D WireFree” video. The wind sensor needs to be connected to its mounting bracket for it to function properly.

How does somfy wind sensor work?

What is wind sensor?

Wind speed sensor is a physical device used to measure wind speed. The wind generated by the airflow drives the top three wind cups to rotate, and the central axis drives the internal sensing element to generate an output signal, which can be used to calculate the wind speed.

Why does my awning keeps retracting?

Why does my retractable awning keep closing?

If you open or operate your product, it will periodically close when it can’t “find” the wind/motion sensor. Sensors can fail, and power in your home/business can be interrupted, thereby not protecting your Retractable Awning, Solar Shade, Motorized Screen or other Somfy motorized product.

How do I use the Somfy reset tool?

Home > Somfy Systems > Wireless Systems > Accessories Press down the red button on tool and light will illuminate. Hold down on button until the red light goes out. Motor is now reset. Once the motor limits have been erased using this tool, the motor travel limits will have to be re-programmed.