How do I get to PNC Arts Center?

How do I get to PNC Arts Center?

Public Transportation The PNC Bank Arts Center has its very own shuttle services. This can be located by taking the NJ Transit to the Aberdeen/Matawan train station and get on the free PNC Bank Arts Center Shuttle to come to the show!

What did PNC Bank Arts Center used to be called?

the Garden State Arts Center
The PNC Bank Arts Center (originally the Garden State Arts Center) is an amphitheatre in Holmdel Township, New Jersey. About 17,500 people can occupy the venue; there are 7,000 seats and the grass area can hold about 10,500 people.

What time do concerts end at PNC Arts Center?

11pm if they do two sets with an intermission.

Can you bring chairs to PNC Bank Arts Center?

PERSONAL LAWN CHAIRS are NOT ALLOWED. Blankets are still allowed and chairs are available to rent for $5. Recording equipment is strictly prohibited, TVs and any other equipment that hasn’t been unauthorized within the center.

Can I tailgate at PNC Bank Arts Center?

PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ hosts many great concerts and shows each season. Although PNC concert tailgating has been under fire over the last 5+ years, PNC tailgating is still 100% permitted.

How many people can fit in PNC Arts Center?

PNC Bank Arts Center/Capacity

Can you bring blankets into PNC Arts Center?

Can you tailgate at the PNC Bank Arts Center?

What is the PNC Bank arts center?

The PNC Bank Arts Center is ranked in the top 5 amphitheatresacross the country, and is in Holmdel, new Jersey. It has a capacity seating of 17,000, to which over 10,000 is accommodated on its lawn area.

Can I bring a stroller to PNC Arts Center?

PNC BANK ARTS CENTER allows strollers, however we have limited space for them to be stored. The lawn has an incline that makes it unsafe for strollers to be on the lawn. We are committed to creating a SAFE environment that is fan friendly for all of our guests to enjoy.

Can I rent a space at PNC Platinum Club?

PNC Platinum Club is a private space available for group or corporate rentals to make your show day experience more memorable. For more information about renting, please email: [email protected] Take NJ Transit to Aberdeen/Matawan station. PNC BANK ARTS CENTER runs shuttles from there to the venue for every Live Nation concert.

Which heavy metal bands are performing at the PNC Bank arts center?

There’s also a focus on heavy metal this year with Disturbed, Megadeth and the Lamb of God making a return the famous amphiteatre. The PNC Bank Arts Center is one of Americas premier Amphitheaters located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey.