How do I reset my Sky HD hard drive?

How do I reset my Sky HD hard drive?

To reset the hard drive: Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote, highlight Settings then press 0,0,1 and Select. Select Reset and scroll to Reset hard drive. A warning message will advise all existing and planned recordings will be deleted.

How long does a Sky+ HD reset take?

Wait for around 15 minutes for the software upgrade to complete itself. When the update has completed the decoder will restart itself automatically. Wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the red light appears. If it does not, wait for a minimum of 1 hour before turning it off and on again at the mains.

How do I reset my SKYcable?


  1. Restart the box by turning the box off and on from the rear panel’s power switch.
  2. When black screen or “no display” appears on the screen, wait for the red power icon on the box’s LED display to blink (around 15 seconds), then press the “arrow down” key found on the front panel of the box for two seconds.

How do I format my Sky HD hard drive?

press manage, then disk management on the left column. FORMATTING HDD: Right Click On your hdd (in the bottom bar) and click format.

Where is the sky Q reset button?

Hold the Home button on your Sky Q remote. Navigate to Settings in the menu. To go into the reset options, press “0” on your remote followed by another “0” and then finally “1”. From here you should see the reset menu.

How do I change the time on my Sky+ HD box?

How can I change the time? You can’t. Your Sky+ box time is kept synchronised from their central servers, which is the bit that isn’t working correctly right now.

How do I reboot my Sky box NZ?

  1. Press and hold down the red reset button located behind the My Sky panel at the front of your box.
  2. Hold this down until all the lights appear on the box, then release.
  3. All the lights will turn off and the box will go through a reboot.
  4. The reboot should take approx.

Why is my skycable not working?

Restart the cable modem by disconnecting it from the power source for 10 seconds. Restart the computer or device as well. If possible, check if you will get same result when using other web-browser and computer. If the issue still persists, please contact SKYbroadband Support for further assistance.

How do I reset my digibox skycable?

  1. Power on your modem.
  2. Insert a straightened paper clip into the “Reset” button, and press and hold for about seven seconds until all LEDs blink. Release the “Reset” button afterwards.
  3. Your modem’s configuration is reset to factory default settings afterwards. The process takes about one minute.

How do I format an old sky hard drive?

Why is my Sky Q Not working?

Restart your Sky Q box Press standby on your Sky Q remote, then switch off or unplug your box at the mains. Check there are no lights on the front panel of your Sky Q box and all cables are securely connected. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear then press Home on your Sky Q remote.

How do I reset my Sky Q box remote?

Hold down 7 and 9 until the remote’s light flashes 4 times to factory reset your remote and try the steps again. Once you can change the volume using your Sky Q remote, finish the pairing process: 1.

How do I Reset my Sky HD box to factory settings?

Sky HD box full system reset. This can be accessed from the Sky Engineers Menu by doing the following: Next press 0, 1 and SELECT – you should now see the engineer’s menu. Choose option 8, ‘Full System Reset’. The box will now take a few minutes to reset itself.

How do I Refresh my Box on MySky?

Click on My Tasks, and then click on Refresh Box on the menu on the left side of the page. You may also refresh your box using the mySKY App. Open the app, select your CABLE account, then tap “Refresh” beside the box you want to refresh.

How do I Reset my Sky+HD to channel 106?

Perform a Software Update to ensure that the latest software is installed Under Network select Reset to remove your internet connection details Remove your viewing card. Select channel 106 and re-insert the card to reset pairing post-reset Why is the sound output from my SKY+HD box so low?

How do I restore my sky on demand box from reboot?

To restore your SKY On Demand box from the reboot, you will need to do a basic reset to restore your box to factory setting. Restart the box by turning the box off and on from the rear panel’s power switch. Blue screen with SKY logo will appear.