How do you say many years of experience?

How do you say many years of experience?

Synonyms for Many years of experience

  1. extensive experience. n.
  2. long-term experience. n.
  3. long experience. n.
  4. many years experience. n.
  5. years of experience. n.
  6. long-standing experience. n.
  7. vast experience. n.
  8. long history.

What is another word for extensive experience?

I usually say “extensive knowledge” about something, but you could also say “comprehensive” knowledge or experience, or perhaps “considerable” experience or knowledge….SYNONYMS.

driven extremely motivated
determined self-starting
Type A

How do you write about yourself without using the word I?

In case you always write essay, giving personal opinions, you may have to adjust. RULE 1: Use second person pronoun. Consider “he,” “she,” “him,” “her,” “they” and “them,” instead of using ‘I’ in your essay. Besides, use the names of authors or titles of different publications to make your argument.

What word can I use instead of experience?

other words for experience

  • contact.
  • involvement.
  • maturity.
  • patience.
  • practice.
  • training.
  • understanding.
  • wisdom.

How do you introduce yourself without using I and my?

Always introduce yourself with Hello or Hi, My name is (enter your name), or I am (enter your name). Never use myself (your name) to introduce yourself it’s a wrong english. Always introduce yourself with a Smile that will make the other person comfortable.

How do you say you have good experience?


  1. great experience.
  2. enjoyable experience.
  3. nice experience.
  4. pleasant experience.
  5. positive experience.
  6. useful experience.
  7. beautiful experience.
  8. amazing experience.