How do you write et al in a literature review?

How do you write et al in a literature review?

A work by more than three authors Again, with more than three authors, write the last name of the first author followed by et al. every time you cite the source. One again, use the first author’s last name only. Then, write et al.

What does ET space AL mean?

The phrase “et al.”—from the Latin et alii, which literally means “and others”—must always be typed with a space between the two words and with a period after the “l” (since the “al.” is an abbreviation).

What does et al mean in property?

What Is Et Al. Short For? This is a Latin phrase that is short for “et alia.” It means “and others,” and is commonly used in legal documents to reference the family or people involved.

How do you cite et al in APA 7th edition?

The in-text citation for works with three or more authors is now shortened right from the first citation. You only include the first author’s name and “et al.”. Surnames and initials for up to 20 authors (instead of 7) should be provided in the reference entry.

How do you cite a case in a legal memo?

U.S. Supreme Court: Official Citation

  1. Name of the case (italicized or underlined – assuming you are writing a brief or memo);
  2. Volume of the United States Reports;
  3. Reporter abbreviation (“U.S.”);
  4. First page where the case can be found in the reporter and pinpoint page if required;

Is there a dot after et al?

1 Answer. Yes, it should always be accompanied by a period. Since et al. is the abbreviation of and others, where et al. could be an abbreviation for et alii, et aliae or et alia when referring to masculine, feminine or gender neutral groups respectively.

How do you in text cite multiple authors in APA?

Multiple Authors

  1. 2 Authors: Always cite both authors’ names in-text everytime you reference them. Example: Johnson and Smith (2009) found…
  2. 6 or More Authors: If a document has six or more authors, simply provide the last name of the first author with “et al.” from the first citation to the last. Example: Thomas et al.