How does Maya describe Daddy Clidell?

How does Maya describe Daddy Clidell?

Daddy Clidell Vivian’s second husband, whom she marries after her children join her in California. Although Maya initially tries to dismiss him, Daddy Clidell becomes the only real “father” Maya knows. He combines the virtues of strength and tenderness and enjoys thinking of himself as Maya’s father.

What does the cage symbolize in Caged Bird?

The bird represents freedom or desire to be free, while the cage symbolizes confinement or oppression.

How does the poet reveal the pitiable condition of the Caged Bird ‘?

The two main ways the plight is revealed are directly, through description such as clipped wings and tied feet, and indirectly, through comparisons and descriptions of the two birds’ songs and dreams.

Why did Uncle Willie hide in the potato onion bin?

Uncle Willie hid in the vegetable bin to protect himself from the “boys” in the Ku Klux Klan. Maya describes him “like a casserole,” covered with onions and potatoes. Seeking God’s protection for Willie and the family, Momma prayed in the darkened store.

How long is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

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Pages: 304

What happened that caused Uncle Willie to lay low?

What happened that caused uncle willie to “lay low” one night? A black man had supposedly messed with a white lady. The Klan was out seeking revenge on the black men.

Who is Joyce in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

Joyce A sexually precocious fourteen year old who seduces ten-year-old Bailey, instigating his petty thievery of sardines, Polish sausage, cheese, and canned salmon from the store, then runs away to Dallas, Texas, to marry a railroad porter, one of a group of Elks that she met in Momma’s store.

How many chapters is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?


Who are the only children who do not show respect to momma?

Summary: Chapter 5 Momma insists that the children observe rules and respect their elders. The only children who do not respect Momma are poor white children. It pains Maya to hear them disrespect Momma and Willie by addressing them by their first names.