How far can metal ceiling battens span?

How far can metal ceiling battens span?

Ceiling Battens shall span a maximum of 1200mm between supporting framing for a continuous span, and 900mm maximum for a single span.

How far apart should battens be for plasterboard ceiling?

between 25cm and 45cm
Overview: If you’re fixing battens to your ceiling before installing our panels, we’d recommend that you fit the battens at intervals of between 25cm and 45cm.

What are ceiling battens for?

Laserframe® Ceiling Batten is a kiln-dried timber used as a substrate for fixing internal linings to the underside of trusses or rafters.

What size timber is used for ceiling battens?

Timber battens for metal roofs come in a range of sizes: 75 x 45. 90 x 35. 90 x 45.

How do you measure ceiling battens?

The total length of battens you need for a roof depends on the number of rows of tiles.

  1. Measure the length of the eave, or the bottom edge that hangs out over the home, for each section of the roof.
  2. Multiply the number of rows on each section by the length of the eave of that section.

Why might you choose to install metal ceiling battens instead of timber battens?

Timber ceiling substrates are more prone to temperature or moisture induced movement and shrinkage. These issues tend to impact on the surface of the plasterboard and can result in call-backs. Metal ceiling batten systems provide a stable substrate for plasterboard ceiling linings.

What is ceiling batten made of?

Stratco Ceiling Battens are manufactured from hi-tensile zinc/alum steel that delivers superior strength and durability. Ceiling Batten • The return edge is folded back on itself, providing a safe edge and a rigid profile. • 0.42mm thick hi-tensile steel is very strong, light weight and is easy to cut with tin snips.

What is STRATCO ceiling batten?

The Stratco Ceiling Batten is a quality product that benefits from a combination of high strength and rigidity with low weight and cost. It is compatible with all major domestic ceiling boards, which makes the Stratco Ceiling Batten an economical, easy to use and versatile system.

Do I need to Batten the ceiling in my home?

For this reason, Rondo recommends that all ceilings in residential dwellings be battened out prior to installing the linings. Rondo provides several options of battens which when installed in accordance with our recommendations will provide an acceptable solution for normal residential construction.