How fast is a 2003 Yamaha R6?

How fast is a 2003 Yamaha R6?

160 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 55 ft-lb
Top speed 160 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 11.2 secs
Tank range 160 miles

How much horsepower does a 2003 Yamaha R6 have?

Yamaha YZF-600 R6

Make Model Yamaha YZF-600 R6
Max Power 123 hp / 89.7 kW @ 13000 rpm
Max Torque 68.5 Nm / 50.5 lb-ft @ 12000 rpm
Transmission 6 Speed
Final Drive #530 O-ring chain

Is a 2003 R6 fuel injected?

For 2003, the R6 has undergone a wheels-up redesign, with a stronger, cleaner, fuel-injected engine, a revolutionary frame that’s the first ever to use Yamaha’s exclusive new casting technology–and a stunningly modern look from the point of its exclusive Gatling-beam headlights to the tip of its LED taillight.

How much horsepower is a Yamaha R6?


1999-2000 2017-2020
Compression ratio 12.4:1 13.1:1
Horsepower 73.7 kW (98.9 hp) @ 12,500 rpm (rear wheel) 87.1 kW (116.8 bhp) @ 14,500 rpm (claimed)
Torque 57.2 N⋅m (42.2 lb⋅ft) @ 10,500 rpm 61.7 N⋅m (45.5 lb⋅ft) @ 10,500 rpm
Fuel system 37 mm carburetors Fuel Injection w/YCC-T and YCC-I

How fast does an R6 go?

The Yamaha R6 top speed is 161.3 mph, and the Yamaha R7 records a top speed of 139 mph.

What year is the best Yamaha R6?

The best model years for the Yamaha R6 are the 2017 and the 2008-09 models. Although all Yamaha R6 models are exceptional in terms of speed and engine power, these models received minimal complaints and proved to be the most reliable bikes.

How fast will a R6 go?

How big is the engine in a 2003 Yamaha yzf-600 R6?

Yamaha YZF-600 R6 Make Model Yamaha YZF-600 R6 Year 2003 Engine Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, D Capacity 599 cc / 36.5 cu-in Bore x Stroke 67 x 42.5 mm

What’s new in the 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6?

The all-new 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6 begins with a radical new DeltaBox III frame. The first street motorcycle ever to use our new Controlled Filling Die Casting technique, resulting in a lighter aluminum frame that’s stiffer. What once took 16 welds now requires two. Revisions to the steering head give even greater feedback.

Is the R6 the most serious 600 class in years?

Allegedly all-new and undeniably all-R6, it rolls into the most serious 600 class in years some eight pounds lighter and packing three additional horsepower. A radically refined aluminum chassis aims to top any 600-class cornering comparison, while its artfully sculpted skin keeps the silhouette fresh.