How important is spine angle in the golf swing?

How important is spine angle in the golf swing?

Maintaining your spine angle is important because it allows you to swing around a centralized point and return the club and your body back to impact. Swinging a golf club with a hunched back, specifically, will lead to back problems down the road.

Is my golf posture too upright?

If your posture and spine angle are too upright, your swing plane will be too upright and this means that as you swing the golf club away from the golf ball, the club head will move too vertically up from the alignment pole. You will have directional issues with your golf shots, with this swing.

Do hips initiate downswing?

The hips initiate the downswing. On the way down, they will turn back and face the target directly. This turn helps increase clubhead speed through impact and is common among the best ball-strikers on tour. This “bump” helps to shift the weight forward and move the club through the impact zone with plenty of speed.

How do I maintain my spine angle during a swing?

In order to maintain your spine angle, your back has to be fairly straight at address and throughout the swing. We’ll talk more about how to do that in a little bit. Maintaining your spine angle means that the angle that you’ve created at setup between your back and the ground stays the same until after impact.

How can I improve my posture in the golf swing?

Maintain your spine angle through the swing. When establishing your setup, it is important to have good posture and feel balanced. From this position, you should maintain your spine angle throughout your full swing. Many amateur golfers have a tendency to raise up during the downswing in an effort to lift the ball up.

How important is spine angle in golf?

When you try to maintain your spine angle, this is important for the backswing and downswing. ( read our post on Early Extension next) If you can keep your back straight and in the same position, with twist, throughout the swing, you’ll see a much better pivot move, more solid shots and your scores drop.

What is spine alteration in golf swing?

It is a feature of a golf swing where the spine angle, first set at address, is allowed to be altered as the swing progresses through the backswing, downswing and/or at impact.