How is Rodolpho presented in A View from the Bridge?

How is Rodolpho presented in A View from the Bridge?

Unlike his Italian brother Marco, Rodolpho does not seek revenge on Eddie for calling Immigration or abusing his fiance in front of him. It is very clear that Rodolpho wants to be an American citizen at all costs and there is a great possibility that he does not love Catherine.

Who dies in A View from the Bridge?

He pulls a knife on the Italian. Marco twists Eddie’s arm around such that the longshoreman’s own knife impales him. Eddie dies in Beatrice’s arms. We end the play with another monologue by Alfieri, where he tells us that he mourns Eddie, even though the longshoreman was totally misguided.

Who killed Eddie in A View from the Bridge?


Is Eddie a sympathetic hero?

It is difficult to describe Eddie Carbone as a sympathetic character. For one thing, he is an extraordinarily self-centered man who expects the whole world to revolve around him. Everything he does in the play is related to his own needs and his own elevated sense of self-importance.

What is Eddie attitude to the changes in Catherine?

He was unable to cope with Catherine in her increasing maturity, which he thought it would mean ‘ losing’ her to Rodolfo. Therefore it made Eddie confused with his feelings whether it is protectiveness or obsession towards Catherine. It was something that he was unable to recognize or understand for himself.

Who is Marco in A View from the Bridge?

Marco is one of the main characters in the play “A View from The Bridge.” The character is an illegal immigrant recently arrived in the United States from Italy. He is Rodolfo’s older brother and Beatrice’s cousin. We also know that he has a wife and three children in his country.

What are the problems between Eddie and Beatrice?

Eddie tells Beatrice he gets a general bad feeling from the boy and cannot understand why she does not feel the same. Beatrice responds that she has other worries, in particular, Eddie’s sexual impotence. Beatrice and Eddie have not had a sexual relationship in three months.

How does Miller present the relationship between Catherine and Eddie in the play?

Miller demonstrates another change in Catherine and Eddie’s relationship, by illustrating Eddie’s reaction to Rodolfo and Catherine’s date at the Paramount. Eddie now seems jealous of Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship, because Miller shows him waiting around for Catherine and Rodolfo to arrive back.

Why does Marco kill Eddie?

Marco has a strong sense of personal honor and justice, and feels obligated to seek some form of revenge on Eddie. In the physical struggle with Eddie at the end of the play, Marco ends up stabbing Eddie with Eddie’s own knife, killing him.

What is Eddie’s job in a view from the bridge?


What time period is a view from the bridge?


Why does Eddie kiss Rodolpho?

Eddie asks what he can do about Catherine and Rodolpho’s engagement, and Alfieri says that there is nothing he can do “morally and legally,” as Catherine is “a free agent.” Eddie again insists that he kissed Rodolpho to prove Rodolpho’s homosexuality, though this is not entirely convincing.

What is a view from the bridge based on?

A View from the Bridge, based loosely on a real-life incident, describes the upheaval in the home of Eddie Carbone (Mark Strong), a career longshoreman who lives with his wife, Beatrice (Nicola Walker), and her niece, Catherine (Phoebe Fox), who has just been offered a secretarial job when the play begins.

Why is Eddie Carbone a tragic hero?

In Miller’s play Eddie Carbone is the tragic hero, whose flaw – his obsession and inappropriate love for his niece Catherine which leads to him doing anything to try and keep her, causes the tragedy and his own death.

Is Catherine Eddie’s niece?

Catherine. The niece of Eddie Carbone and Beatrice. Catherine is a beautiful, smart, young Italian girl who is very popular among the boys in the community. Catherine seeks approval from her uncle and struggles when Eddie does not approve of Rodolpho, the man she intends to marry.

What do we learn of the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice?

Beatrice is Eddie’s wife. Beatrice is a devoted wife. She loves Eddie deeply, even though he is not always kind to her. She manages to hide her hurt feelings from him, but the audience is aware of how she is affected by his cruel words.

How old is Catherine in A View from the Bridge?


Is a view from the bridge a tragedy?

The play, A View From the Bridge (AVFTB) was written by Arthur Miller in 1955, intended as a tragedy. Generally, tragedy is the suffering of a main character as a result of a catastrophic downfall. Miller also makes reference to, “Calabria” and “on the cliff at Syracuse”.

Does Eddie like Catherine?

As the play develops, his affection for Catherine begins to seem more and more like an incestuous desire, as Beatrice hints several times, and then blurts out toward the end of the play, telling Eddie that he can’t have Catherine. In addition to his taboo desire for Catherine, Eddie may have other repressed desires.

What is the relationship between Eddie and Catherine?

The relationship between Eddie and Catherine seems very normal at first. Eddie is an overprotective guardian of his niece. However, through the Eddie’s actions and various clues from other characters, Eddie’s romantic feelings toward Catherine are revealed.

Why does Eddie hate Rodolpho?

Eddie does not realize his feeling for Catherine because he has constructed an imagined world where he can suppress his urges. Because he has no outlet for his feelings—even in his own conscious mind—Eddie transfers his energy to a hatred of Marco and Rodolpho and causes him to act completely irrationally.

What does Eddie mean by walking wavy?

Eddie, Catherine’s Uncle, doesn’t like the way that Catherine has dressed; posh dress, high heels. He is saying that she is “walkin’ wavy”, meaning she is walking seductively, to try and embarrass her and make her feel self-conscious about the kind of attention she may attract.

How old is Eddie Carbone?


Why do you think Cherokee Paul McDonald called his essay A View From the Bridge?

In the story “A View From the Bridge,” we learn the story of a boy who is blind. He meets a man on a bridge and asks him for help catching a fish. The most likely reason why the author called the story “A View from the Bridge” is because he wanted to imply that the man is the bridge between the world and the boy.

What is Eddie’s profession?

As an adult, Eddie owns an extremely successful limousine company and has the job of driving many celebrities around New York. He has become very wealthy through this. He is unhappily married to a woman named Myra who he realizes is very, very, similar to his mother in personality and looks.