How long is the British Army PTI course?

How long is the British Army PTI course?

Physical Training Instructor Class One (PTI1): on successful completion of this 30-week advanced course the soldier transfers to the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) as a full instructor and can instruct recruit and trained soldiers across a broad range of military fitness and sports activities at land …

How do you become a PTI in the British army?

You need to gain the relevant skills, fitness and experience required for the All Arms PTI Course, which is held at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot, or at Sennelager for personnel stationed in Germany. There is no minimum term to serve before you can apply to take the Course.

What does PTI mean in the Army?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Physical training instructor (PTI) is a term used primarily in the British Armed Forces and British police, as well as some other Commonwealth countries, for an instructor in physical fitness.

Can you be a fitness instructor in the Army?

Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructors (RAPTCIs) generally serve as detached personnel within most units across the Army. They are tasked by their Commanding Officers with the responsibility of maintaining the physical fitness of their soldiers in preparation for Military Operations.

How do I join the Raptc?

It is not possible to join the RAPTC directly from civilian life (i.e. it is a non-direct entry role). Prospective PTIs must first join another regiment or corps and then qualify as Regimental PTIs on the 9-week AA PTI course at the ASPT.

What does P Company consist of?

P Company is a notoriously gruelling course which is both physically and mentally demanding and includes a high-level assault course, the gruelling log race and a brutal form of boxing called “milling”.

How long is PT in the army?

Army PT Exercises The U.S. Army provides a 12-week training schedule that you can follow in order to prepare for the physical requirements of basic training. The training schedule is designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and physical endurance.

How do I become an army instructor?

Army personnel who qualify to become instructors must take the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC). It is a required eight-day, 80-hour course with group discussions, homework and tests. From here, students may take additional training, such as the ASI 8.

Can you join the RAF as a PTI?

The RAF PTI is in a unique position in Defence. The RAF is the only Service that adopts a direct entry scheme for this role. The PTI trade is a very diverse and exciting career choice with opportunities also available in Survival training, Training Consultancy and Leadership development.

How long is RAF PTI training?

The specialist training course of 28 weeks is held at the School of Physical Training, RAF Cosford near Wolverhampton.

How do you become a PT in the military?

Currently licensed and practicing in the U.S. (new graduates must obtain a license within one year of beginning Active Duty service) Graduate of an approved school. Willing to serve a minimum of three years Active Duty. In good physical condition and able to pass a full medical examination.

What is milling in the army?

Milling is a training activity in the British airborne infantry. For a fixed period, two opponents punch each other in the head as aggressively as possible without evasion.

What do you need to know about the British Army PTI (B)?

1.0     Introduction This article provides an overview of the British Army Reserve Physical Training Instructor (Basic) (AR PTI (B)) course. 2.0     Aim The course objectives are to train the student so that on successful completion of the AR PTI (B) course they will be able to: Deliver Reserves Soldiers’ Physical Training;… Advertisements

How to become a physical training instructor in the British Army?

British Army Physical Training Instructor Course Overview. 1.0 Introduction. In order to become a military fitness instructor – otherwise known as a Physical Training Instructor or PTI – in the British Army an individual needs to gain the required skills, fitness and experience.

What is an AR PTI B course?

The course objectives are to train the student so that on successful completion of the AR PTI (B) course they will be able to: Deliver Reserves Soldiers’ Physical Training; Conduct Reserves Soldiers’ Physical Testing; Conduct Job-related administrative tasks; and Implement health & safety policy in relation to Physical Training. 3.0     Eligibility

What are the different branches of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps?

Within The Royal Army Physical Training Corps there are a number of trade specialisations, which cover a range of activities from physical training to exercise rehabilitation. Physical Training. Exercise Rehabilitation. Adventurous Training. Sports coaching and officiating.