How many industry are there in Nashik?

How many industry are there in Nashik?

About 10,000 industries are working in Nasik including Large, Medium and Small Scale.

How many companies are in Nashik?

Approximately 10,000 large, medium or small scale companies are functioning in Nashik at present.

Which companies are in Nashik?

Large-scale industries present in Nashik district are Atlas Copco, Robert Bosch GmbH, CEAT Limited, Crompton Greaves, Graphite India, Schneider Electric, ThyssenKrupp, Epcos, Everest Industries, Gabriel India, GlaxoSmithKline, Hindustan Coca-cola, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Jindal Polyster, Jyoti Structures, Kirlosker …

Is Nashik industrial area?

This city is considered as a fast growing one in the industrial sector. Nashik having its own wide history about industries and have developed many industrial zones in area like Satpur, Ambad, Gonde, Sinnar and Igatpuri. Approximately 10,000 industries are serving in Nashik including small, medium and large scale.

Which is the richest district in Maharashtra?

Profile: The Konkan region, along the western coast, is Maharashtra’s most populous and prosperous region. The region’s capital, Mumbai – home to India’s financial, banking and entertainment industries – is the state’s richest district. Neighbouring Thane district has one of India’s highest per capita incomes.

What is population of Nashik?

Although Nashik city has population of 1,486,053; its urban / metropolitan population is 1,561,809 of which 821,921 are males and 739,888 are females.

What crops are grown in Nashik?

Area, Production and Productivity of major crops cultivated in the district

Sr. No. Crop Productivity (Qtl/ha)
18. Summer Maize 18.49
19. Rabi Maize 16.05
20. Kharif Maize 21.86
21. Ragi 9.70

What is the GDP of Nashik?


Nashik Nasik
Nominal GDP (Nashik District) INR 1,40,024 crores (2019-20)
Sex ratio 931 ♀ / 1000 ♂
HDI 0.746 (Very High)
Literacy 80.96%

Which is the poorest city in Maharashtra?

The Satara district has 15.46% very-poor families which is lowest in the state followed by Sangli at 16.55%, Kolhapur at 17.65%, and Pune at 19.5%. Overall, the survey marks a rise of 2.5% in the number of families living below the poverty line in the state over the 1997-98 survey.

How many Muslims are there in Nashik?

Total population of Nashik district is 6,107,187 as per census 2011. Hinduism constitutes 85.75% of Nashik population. Muslims are minority in Nashik state forming 11.35% of total population….Nashik District Religion Census 2011.

District Nashik
Hindu 85.75 %
Muslim 11.35 %
Christian 0.39 %
Sikh 0.15 %

How big is Nashik?

102 mi²

What is produced in Nashik?

Area, Production and Productivity of major crops cultivated in the district

Sr. No. Crop Production (Qtl)
1. Total Summer Oilseed 16000
2. Total Rabi Oilseed 03000
3. Rape & Mustard 01000
4. Total Kharif Oilseed 754000

Which are the major industries in Nashik?

HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.), Mahindra & Mahindra, Bosch (MICO), V.I.P., CEAT, ABB, Crompton Greaves, SIEMENCE, Kirloskar Oil Engine, Glaxo, are major industries in Nasik. The auto major Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), Bosch India Ltd have expanded their manufacturing plants in Nashik with investment of crores of rupees.

Which is the best IT company in Nashik to work from home?

Currently, most of the companies have opted to work from home in Nashik, but based on my opinion, ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd and Winjit Technologies are the best IT companies in Nashik to work from home. How many IT companies are there in Nashik? There are more than 1000+ IT registered and non-registered IT companies in Nashik.

Which is the best pharmaceutical distribution company in Nashik?

Dvijay Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Nashik (Maharashtra, India) was established in the year 1975. The company is ranked today as one of the top 5 distributors in the State of Maharashtra.

What is the average salary offered by IT companies in Nashik?

The average salary offered by IT companies in Nashik ranges from 15,000 per month 25,000 per month. However, the salary may also go up depending upon your experiences, knowledge and skill set.