How much does a 463L pallet weight with nets?

How much does a 463L pallet weight with nets?

It can hold up to 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) of cargo (not exceeding 250 lb per square inch) at 8 g. Empty, each pallet weighs 290 lb (130 kg), or 355 lb (160 kg) with two side nets and a top net.

How much does a 463L pallet cost?

“The 463L pallet and net system cost $1,700 per set and the (proposed) cost of the AIP system is $400,” Blackford said. “This equates to a $1.3 million cost avoidance per 1,000 pallets sent to the theater. We send several thousand pallets to theater per month.

How many wooden pallets fit on a 463L pallet?

Pallet positions 8 & 9 left and right can not exceed a combined weight of 40,000 pounds. All pallets must be rotated 90 degress while loading/unloading for this configuration. The C-5 can accommodate up to (36) 463L pallets. Pallet position criteria according to position, weight and height.

How many pallet nets make a set?

Three nets make up a set. Two side nets are attached to the rings on the pallets and go around the sides of the load, and a top net goes over the top of the cargo. (1) The top net is attached to the side nets by hooks and rings.

What are the dimensions of a 463L pallet?

108″ W x 88″
HCU 463L Air Cargo Pallet (HCU-6/E) Specs & Capabilities: Dimensions: 108″ W x 88″ L x 2-1/4″ H. Tare Weight: 290 lbs.

How much does a top net weight?

A complete set of nets weighs 65 pounds. It is important to inspect the pallets and nets for serviceability before use. Failure to use serviceable systems will result in inspection failure during the joint inspection.

How many 463L pallets fit on a c17?

The full C-17 payload can consist of a maximum of eighteen 463L cargo pallets. Normal troop seating is accomplished with 54 fixed sidewall seats and / or 48 centerline cargo floor seats. For special configurations a maximum seating combination using sidewall seats and 9 seat pallets will support up to 188 passengers.

How much does a top net weigh?

How many tanks can fit in a C-17?

C-17 Technical Specifications

Wing Span 51.74 m (169.8 ft.)
Payload Options 18 x 463L pallets 188 Passengers (9 seat pallets + sidewall seats) 102 Paratroopers + 8 Equipment Bundles 3 x Combat-ready Stryker Infantry Fighting Vehicles 1 x M-1 Main Battle Tank 2 x UH-60 Utility Helicopters

What is the difference between a c5 and C-17?

The giant C-5 Galaxy is the only other jet transport in the joint airlift fleet, and each one can carry about 50 more tons per flight than a C-17. What that means in practical terms is that it can transport twice as many armored vehicles or missile batteries or supply pallets per sortie.

Can a Globemaster carry a tank?

The C-17 is the only aircraft capable of routine delivery of outsize cargo (tanks, helicopters, etc.) to short, austere airfields. Also, the C-17 is able to transport the M1 Abrams main battle tank. Furthermore, the C-17 can carry up to 102 troops, 36 litter patients, or 18 standard 463-L pallets.

How much does a 463L pallet weigh?

An empty 463L pallet weighs 290 pounds (355 pounds with a complete set of nets) and has a maximum load capacity of 10,000 pounds. The maximum pounds per square inch for the 463L pallet is 250 pounds. If a load exceeds this limitation, then shoring must be used to spread the load over a larger area.

Why use 463L pallets and nets?

System 463L pallets and nets are essential to the effective use of the military airlift system. In normal operations they reduce aircraft ground time and allow for load preplanning. In emergency situations their availability at the right place and time can be the determining factor in the mission’s success or failure.

What is the maximum weight a 463L net can hold?

A complete set of 463L nets provides adequate restraint for a maximum of 10,000 pounds of cargo when properly attached to a 463L pallet. For 463L pallets that do not exceed 45 inches in height or 2,500 pounds, a single top net will be used to secure the load. When a top net is used, the belly band ( Figure D-2)…

How many 463 L pallets can a C-130 hold?

463L Pallet Cargo System The C-130 can accommodate up to six 463L The C-141 can accommodate up to (13) 463 The C-17 can accommodate up to (18) 463L The C-5 can accommodate up to (36) 463L