How old is Mari in Evangelion?

How old is Mari in Evangelion?

Set in 1998, Mari is 16 and a friend of Yui Ikari. Mari isn’t able to compete with Yui and she grows jealous over Yui’s new relationship with Gendo.

What happened to Asuka’s eye?

Asuka, if you recall at the end of End of Evangelion, had her eye stabbed through by Synchronisation magic. This might be symbolic or just an eye thing as many characters have their eyes messed with in these sagas.

Are the EVA rebuilds canon?

Some sources, like the Eva Fan Club are also “official” but simply consist of fan letters and theories, and do not constitute official statements by the creators. Likewise, the Rebuild movies and Sadamoto’s manga are official, but are not canon as they are part of their own, separate continuities.

How old is Shinji?


Shinji Ikari
Title Third Child
Age 14
Eye color Blue
Notable relatives Gendo Ikari (father) Yui Ikari (mother) Misato Katsuragi (guardian)

Is Asuka a clone?

Just like with Gendo and Kaworu, we get flashbacks to Asuka, who reveals herself to be one in a long line of clones — hence her different name compared to her TV counterpart.

Is Asuka Langley a clone?

Asuka is generally the same as she is depicted in the original manga and routinely teases Shinji. She is an artificially created child, like Rei and Kaworu.

Is Asuka Langley soryu dead?

Did Asuka Langley Soryuu die in Neon Genesis Evangelion? Yes and no. First, Asuka was killed by the mass production Evas, but during the Third Impact, all of humanity – both the living and the deceased – were merged together.

What is the original soundtrack for Evangelion?

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of the 2009 film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. It peaked well at number 8 in the Oricon album charts, charting for a total of 16 weeks. It features music composed by Shirō Sagisu and performed by the London Studio Orchestra as well as a choir of four.

When did Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 come out?

The second soundtrack released for the series, Neon Genesis Evangelion II, was released on February 16, 1996. A new vocal song, Premonition, was recorded for the album by Yoko Takahashi, and the TV size edit of ” A Cruel Angel’s Thesis ” was also included.

What is the Evangelion Rebuild theme song?

Sung by popular Japanese artist Hikaru Utada, “Beautiful World” is the main theme song of the Rebuild of Evangelion films. It is used as the credits song for both films, and is featured in trailers for Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone.

What is the last Evangelion movie theme?

One Last Kiss One Last Kiss is the main theme song for the last and final movie in the Rebuild tetralogy: Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time. This song, same as the other Rebuild movie main themes, is sung by popular Japanese artist Utada Hikaru.