Is 135i better than 335i?

Is 135i better than 335i?

The 335i coupe is more attractive, more enjoyable to drive, holds its value better and offers far more real road usability than the 135i. If BMW had made the 135i as a lightweight, no-frills, Bahn-burning turbo rocket ship, they would have created a truly unique, desirable automobile.

Is the 135i faster than the 335i?

The 135i is faster, but not by much. There is about a 200-300 lb. difference between the two. I think the 135i is significantly cheaper as well.

Is the 335i coupe reliable?

Is BMW 335i Reliable? The BMW 335i enjoys below-average reliability, with some of its model years scoring better than others. RepairPal gave it a rating of 2.0 out of 5.0, ranking it 28th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars in its category.

How fast is the BMW 135i?

2007 BMW 135i Coupe E82 0-60, quarter mile, specs

0-60 mph 5.0 seconds
0-100 kph 5.3 seconds
Quarter mile 14.4 s @ 111 mph
Top speed 250 kph / 155 mph
Price $43,000

Is the 135i AWD?

The engine may only be a 2.0-litre petrol, but it develops a thumping 301bhp between 4500-6250rpm and 450Nm between 1700-5000rpm. In normal running the 135i xDrive is front-wheel drive, just like most other new 1 Series’ (the engine is mounted transversely this time in all versions).

How long do N54 engines last?

Like any BMW, it will last for as long as you have money. They are pricey cars to maintain, but do so regularly and you will have a car that will easily go 200k miles. If you can do the work yourself, they actually get pretty manageable to maintain, definitely less than a new car payment per year.

How long will a BMW 135i last?

You want your BMW 135i to last as long as possible. If you put in the effort to keep up with proper maintenance, your 135i has a good chance of hitting 200,000 miles or more.

Should I buy a 135I or 335i Coupe?

Either you need a track day machine or you’re an idiot. Otherwise, spend the extra bucks and buy the 335i coupe. The 335i coupe is more attractive, more enjoyable to drive, holds its value better and offers far more real road usability than the 135i.

Where can I buy a used BMW 1 series 135I s?

TrueCar has 72 used BMW 1 Series 135i s for sale nationwide, including a 135i Convertible and a 135i Coupe. Prices for BMW 1 Series 135i s currently range from to , with vehicle mileage ranging from to .

How fast does a BMW 135i go from 0 to 60?

The BMW 135i might be a compact coupe, but it does have a monstrous engine crammed inside it, which propels the vehicle from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds, unmodified. You can add a couple of basic modifications to it, and it will surely go flying across the race track.

Is the BMW 135i a cruiser or a weekend getaway?

The BMW 135i, the most powerful car in the BMW 1-series, can be both an inner-city cruiser and a weekend getaway car since it has a short wheelbase, is fast, and is easy to maneuver as well. The BMW 135i first materialized in the motoring world back in 2007. However, North America got its first 135i the following year.