Is Cirkul water bad?

Is Cirkul water bad?

Cirkul is advertised as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and a way to up your water intake. It uses zero calorie, zero sugar ‘sips’ (flavor cartridges) to enhance your everyday water and with over forty different flavors, there is plenty of variety.

Can you bring a Cirkul bottle on a plane?

Cirkul is the perfect travel companion because the compact size of the hydration system allows you to take it wherever you go, including through airports! Each Sip, or flavor cartridge, is individually wrapped and well under the 3.4 ounces of liquid airport security allows you to bring.

How do you dispose of Cirkul cartridges?


  1. Pull the cartridge top apart from the cartridge bottom.
  2. Remove the flavor pouch & spout from the cartridge bottom.
  3. Dispose of flavor pouch.
  4. Recycle the cartridge top & bottom.

Is there aspartame in Cirkul?

Q: What types of sweeteners are used in Cirkul Sips? A: We sweeten our blends with either sucralose, stevia, or no sweetness at all (just pure flavor essence) depending on the flavor. Our formulas do not use aspartame or acesulfame potassium, and other sweeteners.

Does Cirkul make you lose weight?

Since I tried my Cirkul, I have not touched any soda – it’s a miracle! I have already lost 10 pounds in one month.” Cirkul offers 16 refreshing flavors with lifestyle benefits including vitamins, electrolytes, or caffeine. We all know a big component of losing weight is working out.

Does Cirkul actually taste good?

Cirkul is a water bottle that provides custom flavors for your water. I have a hard time with plain water, i’ll add lemon or other flavorings to it, but this a great because I just fill and sip…and it tastes delicious! Awesomeness!

What is the 311 rule?

Each passenger may carry liquids, gels and aerosols in travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces or100 milliliters. Each passenger is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids, gels and aerosols.

What is TSA like during Covid?

TSA officers are required to wear face mask and gloves. They may also choose to wear eye protection or clear plastic face shields. In addition, TSA officers change their gloves following each pat-down and upon passenger request.

Can you put vodka in a Cirkul?

Technically, you can put vodka in a Cirkul. Cirkul doesn’t recommend pairing their flavors with anything but water, but the Cirkul SIP cartridge and flavor shouldn’t be incompatible with alcohol.

Does Cirkul have potassium?

Enriched with essential B vitamins for health-centric sippers. Gives you a caffeinated kick when you’re running on empty. Calories U. Total Fat Og ION DV), Sodium 50mg (2% DV), Potassium 35mg”.

Is Cirkul worth the money?

There are a ton of reasons why Cirkul is a great choice for your lifestyle. They have many options of Sips, they help you consume more water, and to many, they have great customer service. So, while we recognize the potential issues of ordering from Cirkul, we still believe their products are worth the buy.

Is Cirkul better than soda?

Cirkul helps you drink more water and stay hydrated and also keeps you away from calorie laden sugar. Cirkul Bottles and flavor cartridges give you better-for-you options to sugary sodas and juices that are not only simple to use but are completely customizable.

What do people say about cirkul?

“Cirkul is easier to use. ” “The bottle is sturdy, and not really squeezable. ” “You can actually tune the amount of flavor that is infused into your water. ” “The great thing about Cirkul is that you don’t need two, three, five water bottles at a time. ” “There are 39 different flavors to choose from. ”

What are the benefits of cirkul?

BENEFITS OF Cirkul. Keeping our bodies hydrated is very crucial as our survival depends on how much water we take. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies needs water to work properly. For example, our bodies use water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints.

How much does a kirkul cost?

“Cirkul is a water bottle with replaceable ‘sip’ flavor cartridges. Each sip cartridge provides between 4 to 6 – 22-ounce fill ups per sip cartridge. Therefore, the cost per bottle is between 42¢ and 94¢ depending on the number of sip cartridges you purchase and your flavor intensity.

What do you like most about the cirkul water bottle?

“The Cirkul Water bottle minimizes the impact of disposable plastic water bottles on the environment. ” “You can cancel or restart subscription anytime. ” “On a medium setting one slip should last you at least two days or more. ” “I love that it gives you the option to adjust how much flavor you get with each sip.