Is Donald Takayama still alive?

Is Donald Takayama still alive?

Deceased (1943–2012)
Donald Takayama/Living or Deceased

Are Donald Takayama boards good?

Many people rate the ITP highly and it is probably Takayama’s best selling longboard. On first impressions it paddles extremely well with only the slight nose rocker and 60/40 rails. Getting to the nose was super easy with the wide nose shape and very stable feel.

Where are Donald Takayama boards made?

North Coast Surfboards are responsible for manufacturing Donald’s boards here in Australia. Under licence, these boards are all KKL-machine shaped and then hand-finished shaped, glassed, sanded etc. at our factory here in Byron Bay.

What size board does Joel Tudor ride?

​At all the venues, the invitees have to ride single-fin boards that are at least nine feet in length, known as “logs.” The boards must also weigh at least 12 pounds, have smooth rails, and no leashes or leash plugs.

Is Michael Takayama related to Donald Takayama?

Also in the Takayama line is Donald’s nephew Michael Takayama, an outstanding surfer and board builder whose designs and unique color combinations are making waves in the upper end longboarding market.

Who is Takayama?

Guy Takayama is the third generation of surfers. for his pioneering in surfing and board shaping. Takayama is now the last of his family to be carrying on their legacy of surfing and shaping, and he’s doing it the way his dad and uncle would have liked – by giving back.

Where are salt Gypsy boards made?

Bali, Indonesia
The Salt Gypsy surfwear brand was born. After being thrown headfirst into the deep end of garment manufacturing, production launched in Bali, Indonesia where she saw firsthand the amount of waste and pollution the fashion industry creates on both a local and global scale.

How did ancient Hawaiians make surfboards?

Boards were shaped with a stone adz first, then smoothed with coral or rough stone abraders. The root of the ti plant or pounded kukui tree bark was used as a finishing stain, giving the board a durable, glossy, water resistant black surface. Hawaiians used two main types of boards.

What is a surftech board?

Surftech is a surfboard and standup paddleboard manufacturing company. It specializes in mass-produced expanded polystyrene boards pressed in molds designed by established surfboard shapers.

How big should a Noserider be?

Deciding over an inch in your length is a massive waste of time. I recommend a 9’6″ x 23″ wide. Flat nose rocker, large tail kick, 50/50 rails, deep nose concave, wide nose, square tail, big single fin. The extreme length of your board will actually work against you when your on the nose.

How long should my Noserider be?

The right length is just as important as the right type of board, with different lengths varying between each surfer due to height and weight. A magic number seen across most sizes and shapes of noseriding professionals is 9’6.

Where can I get a custom surfboard in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Surf Factory Custom Surfboards – Any Surfboard Style Shaped by Hawaii’s Best Shapers Shipped and Anywhere in the World! Check out our latest fin inventory! This opens in a new window. Check out the video about the Chronic Bully! Hawaii Surf Factory has them in stock but you can get one custom order as well This opens in a new window.

What are the best long board shapers in Hawaii?

Long Boards by The Hawaii Surf Factory Hawaii Surf Factory has a huge variety of long boards from legendary shapers like Dick Brewer, Ben Aipa, Mike Casey, Bushman, Minami and Chronic. There are many up and coming shapers making exceptional long boards like Mitsu, Kekoa and Keoki. All the shapers are happy to build anything you want.

Where to buy a shortboard in Hawaii?

Hawaii Surf Factory has them in stock but you can get one custom order as well This opens in a new window. There are plenty of big guys out there that want to surf a shortboard but they can’t find one with enough volume.