Is Ebel a luxury brand?

Is Ebel a luxury brand?

Ebel is a Swiss luxury watch company that was founded in 1911 at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Are Ebel Watches valuable?

Ebel watches prove more affordable than other luxury watches, that’s why it falls under the affordable luxury category. Sitting alongside Longines, TAG Heuer, and Baume et Mercier in price range, Ebel may go from as reasonably priced as less than $1,000 to as expensive as $25,000.

Is Ebel still in business?

Acquired by Movado Group in 2004 and renowned today for its iconic bracelet design with signature wave-shaped links, EBEL continues to create luxury timepieces that embody contemporary elegance with subtle, yet exquisite detail.

How can you tell if a Ebel watch is real?

Most (but not all) Ebel watches have a serial number. Unlike other brands the serial number won’t tell you a lot about the watch, but it is enough to authenticate it as a real model. If the serial number isn’t engraved into the back of the watch it may be engraved on the movement or on the inside of the watch back.

What does Ebel mean?


Acronym Definition
EBEL Eugène Blum et Lévy (Swiss watch company)
EBEL Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (Austrian hockey league)
EBEL Experimental and Behavioral Economics Laboratory (California)
EBEL E-Business and E-Learning

What is an Ebel?

Ebel is a Swiss luxury watch company, founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy.

Which watch retains most value?

Top 5 Watch Brands That Will Hold Their Value

  • Rolex. They’re the undisputed champions when it comes to brands that hold their value well—almost like real estate.
  • Patek Philippe.
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre.
  • Omega.
  • TAG Heuer.

Are Ebel Watches waterproof?

Men’s EBEL Sport Classic watch, stainless steel case, Ø 40.0mm, blue galvanic dial with applied Roman numerals, sapphire crystal with antireflective treatment underneath, stainless steel wave link bracelet with deploying buckle, Swiss quartz movement, water-resistant up to 50 Meter.

How do you pronounce Ebel watch?

Ebel. No, it is not pronounced as ‘Abel’. Stretch out ‘E’ and pronounce the second half as a bell.

Do Ebel watches have batteries?

No, the movement of your quartz watch is powered by a battery. If your watch is losing time, the battery may need to be replaced or the movement itself may need service.

What nationality is the name Ebel?

North German and Dutch: from a pet form Ebbert.

What kind of watch does EBEL beluga make?

Ebel 2007 Ladies Ebel Beluga Tonneau Diamond Watch, 18kt… Ebel Shanta 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Quartz Watch MOP dial Box… Ebel Beluga 24mm Factory Diamonds Mother of Pearl Dial 18k… Ebel Lichine 18k Yellow Gold Chronograph Quartz Green Men’s… Ebel Voyager 18K (0,750) Gelbgold Automatik Herrenuhr Gold…

What kind of Watch is the EBEL classic wave 12976?

Certified preowned Classic Ebel Classic Wave 12976 watch is made out of Gold and steel on a 18k & Stainless Steel bracelet with a Stainless Steel Two Piece buckle. This Ebel watch has a 31 x 31 mm case with a Round caseback and White Roman Numeral dial.

What kind of case does an EBEL Watch have?

This Ebel watch has a 34 x 34 mm case with a Round caseback and White Diamond dial. It is Gray and Sons Certified Authentic and comes backed by our 12-month warranty. Each watch is inspected by our certified in-house Swiss-trained watchmakers before shipment including final servicing, cleaning, and polishing.

What is a dress EBEL classic 181033371 watch?

Certified preowned Dress Ebel Classic 181033371 watch is made out of Stainless steel on a 18k & Stainless Steel bracelet with a Stainless Steel Deploy buckle. This Ebel watch has a 23 x 23 mm case with a Round caseback and Black Diamond dial.