Is Freddy Fender Dead?

Is Freddy Fender Dead?

October 14, 2006
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Who is Freddy Fender’s daughter?

Marla Ann Huerta Garcia
Tammy Loriane Huerta
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What nationality is the singer Freddy Fender?

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What is Freddy Fenders real name?

Baldemar Garza Huerta
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Who is Freddy Fender’s son?

Baldemar Huerta Jr.
Daniel Huerta
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Who is Freddy Fender married to?

Evangelina Munizm. 1976–2006
Evangelina Munizm. 1957–1963
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Open about his battles with drug and alcohol abuse, Fender also struggled with diabetes and hepatitis C. He underwent a kidney transplant in 2002 using a kidney donated by his 21-year-old daughter. Two years later, he had a liver transplant. In 1957, he had married Evangelina Muniz, who survives him.

Is Freddy the Fender guy?

Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S. Freddy Fender (born Baldemar Garza Huerta; June 4, 1937 – October 14, 2006) was an American Tejano, country and rock and roll musician, known for his work as a solo artist and in the groups Los Super Seven and the Texas Tornados.

Does Freddy Fender have a son?

Who wrote Freddy Fender songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Original date
A Man Can Cry Freddy Fender, Wayne Duncan November 7, 1960
Guacamole Freddy Fender, Augie Meyers, Paige Levy 1992
Wasted Days & Wasted Nights Freddy Fender, Wayne Duncan 1959

Was Freddy Fender married?

In 1957, he had married Evangelina Muniz, who survives him. The couple divorced after he got out of jail in 1963 and remarried two years later. They had five children; one son died in a car accident.

Was Freddy Fender a drug addict?

Fender, addicted to alcohol and drugs, entered a rehab in 1985. Plagued by ongoing health problems, he struggled with diabetes and hepatitis C and received a kidney transplant and, two years later, a liver transplant.