Is Modern ABC good for physics?

Is Modern ABC good for physics?

Modern ABC for physics is good as it has concepts explained with clarity and an ample number of questions for practice. It will be good if you stick to a single book for physics but just supplement ie=t with NCERT Physics Thinks to PONDER upon questions.

Is Modern ABC better than Pradeep?

Pradeep’s Physics gets a thumbs up with 4.45 although number of raters are less. Similarly Pradeep’s Chemistry gets a high rating of 4.5. Amazon too maintains a 4.5 star rating on Pradeep’s series where as Modern ABC Chemistry matches Pradeep. Modern ABC Physics is rated slightly lower at 3 stars presently.

Which side book is best for class 11 physics?

Reference Books For Class 11

Subject Best Reference Books For Class 11 Publication / Author
Math Mathematics for Class 11 RD Sharma
Physics Concepts of Physics HC Verma
New Millennium Physics Class-11 Dinesh
Understanding Physics D C Pandey

Is Arihant all in one class 11 good?

Arihant All in one series is one of the best booklist for cbse students. this book provides you total explaination of every topic in every chapter of NCERT, the best part is after each topic u will get 4-5 solved examples to undersant the concept… and u will also get solved and unsloved sample papers..

Which is better HC Verma or SL Arora?

If you are up for boards SL Arora will do just fine and you will not have to go for HCV. But if you are preparing for competitive exams like IIT/JEE either mains or advance then you should definitely go for HCV as it has more advance problems and will help you solve more complex problems.

Is Pradeep fundamental physics good?

Yes, Pradeep is good.

Is Modern ABC biology good for boards?

Yes, Modern ABC is good reference book for securing marks in boards.

Which book is best for 11th?

Best Reference Books for Class 11

Subject Best Reference Books For Class 11 Publication / Author
English CBSE Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Question Bank Oswaal Publication
Math Senior Secondary School Mathematics: for Class 11 RS Agarwal
Mathematics for Class 11 RD Sharma
Physics Concepts of Physics HC Verma

Is Ncert physics enough for NEET?

The Physics section of NEET 2022 is the toughest section of all as stated by experts as well as toppers, it requires more conceptual knowledge. Physics is all about the numerical and based on concepts, therefore NCERT Physics books won’t be enough for NEET preparations.

Is all in one good for NEET?

Answer. Most important for NEET/AIIMS is your NCERT books as these books include basic principles and concepts and provide accurate information. KEEP NCERT + ONE REFERNCE BOOK + MAXIMUM MCQS PRACTICE = Medical SEAT Apart from this, you can add upon it by following books. All book are good.

Which book is best for chemistry class 11 Jee?

Best books for JEE Main Chemistry

  • NCERT Textbooks (for Class XI and XII )
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee.
  • Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon.
  • Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur.
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee.
  • Physical Chemistry by P.W. Atkins.

Is SL Arora good for NEET?

SL Arora is specifically physics Books writer. His book is specifically important for board examination and IIT preparation. So it’s not so good option for NEET. NEET is national eligibility cum entrance test for medical entrance examination.