Is Narayana SSC or CBSE?

Is Narayana SSC or CBSE?

The school was established in 2017. Narayana e-Techno School is a Co-ed school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Is Narayana a CBSE?

NARAYANA E-TECHNO SCHOOL, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA–830509. The school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

What is the rank of Narayana school in India?

All India 1st rank has been secured in 2nd,3rd & 5th classes. This is for the 5th consecutive year that Narayana Schools have occupied the top place. Apart from clinching major share in top 10 ranks (1, 2, 3, 4,6,7,8 & 10 ), Narayana also secured 219 ranks (49%) in top 50 and 495 ranks (55%) in top 100.

Who is the founder of Narayana school?

Founder Dr. Ponguru Narayana
The Founder Dr. Ponguru Narayana is regarded as one of the pioneering forces in teaching and learning in contemporary India. In recent decades, academicians and educationists have been able to bring a striking shift from inaccessible and archaic academic setups in Indian schools and colleges. Dr.

Is Narayana good for IIT?

Narayana Coaching Center are the best coaching centre to choose for IIT & NEET Aspirants with excellent track record of outstanding results over four decades in NEET, IIT- JEE entrance exams and other competitive exams. Narayana coaching centre, rajaji-nagar also offers the best NEET and IIT-JEE repeaters coaching.

Is Narayana a ICSE?

Established in the year 1979, Narayana Olympiad School in Kadugodi, Bangalore is a top player in the category ICSE Schools in the Bangalore. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Bangalore.

Which is better Narayana or Sri Chaitanya?

The past results of Sri Chaitanya are far better than Narayana’a. Sri Chaitanya is churning out top rankers every year. It is giving high-quality engineers to the country every year. So, Sri Chaitanya is far better than Narayana.

Is Narayana good for NEET?

Which is best for the NEET coaching, Sri Chaitanya, Narayana, or FIITJEE? All of these coaching institutes are good for NEET preparation. Sri Chaitanya, Narayana, or FIITJEE they all are giving their best in the field.

Is Narayana school good for NEET?

Who is the CEO of Narayana group of schools?

Puneet Kothapa, Executive Director – Narayana Group of Educational Institutions, is a Chartered Accountant by profession, having completed his article-ship and post qualification experience at a reputed Advisory firm before joining the Management of the Group.

How many branches of Narayana schools are there in India?

Spread across 13 states in India, the Narayana family is home to a flourishing academia with 300 schools, 300 junior colleges and 8 professional colleges.

Is Narayana better than Allen?

Allen Career Institute is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and Narayana Group of Educational Institutions is most highly rated for Culture….Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 3.7 3.8
Compensation and benefits 3.6 3.4
Job security and advancement 3.7 3.5
Management 3.3 3.3
Culture 3.4 3.5

Why choose Narayana group of schools?

The Narayana Group of schools is spread across 13 states ranging from West India to East India and from North India to South India. Our faculty have attained leading recognition for giving the best education to each student, from elementary schools to the intermediate level.

How many colleges does Narayana have?

Spread across 19 states in India, the Narayana family is home to a flourishing academia with 300 schools, 300 junior colleges and 8 professional colleges. We also run full fledged institutes for civil services, coaching centres and correspondence to address the vocational goals of career-oriented students.

How to contact Narayana group?

Contact Us Narayana Group. 10 th Floor, Melange Towers Sy No.80 to 84, Patrika Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081 Email : [email protected] Phone : 1800 102 3344

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Under Kolkata City NUHM Society Engagement of 205 nos Staff Nurse for its urban primary health centers in Kolkata City NUHM Society areas on contractual basis, against Adv. No . 02/Kolkata City NUHM Society/2021 – 22.