Is Yusuke Urameshi stronger than Naruto?

Is Yusuke Urameshi stronger than Naruto?

Naruto is a planet destroyer. Yusuke is as strong as hiei if not stronger. middle of series hiei is said to be able to destroy earth. even if it was never proved, naruto’s highest feat is splitting the moon and hiei took a fight that made blast at least 5000 bigger than the blast naruto needs to split the moon.

Is Yusuke planet level?

Genkai stated Yusuke’s destruction is greater than everyone’s else which foreshadows current Yusuke now being the strongest character in Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke is easily planet level.

Who defeated Yusuke Urameshi?

However, Yomi survives the battle with Yusuke after the death of Raizen, setting the pair up for a prime rematch in the Demon World Tournament. But when the bell tolls and the rematch begins, Yomi narrowly defeats Yusuke after the two punch each other in the face full force.

Can Hiei beat Sasuke?

While Sasuke is equal to beings powerful enough to slice and shift moons, he still could not match Hiei’s strength. Even if Hiei was only half as strong as Yusuke, this would still put him well above Sasuke in terms of sheer power output and durability.

Can Yusuke destroy the universe?

Yusuke has the ability to channel his spirit energy into a single point creating a powerful concentrated blast of energy. This is something Freiza could do and destroy a planet with.

Is Yusuke as class demon?

Yusuke, the hero, who is a demon-human hybrid with upper tier S-Class power. Beings in the S-Class are of the highest class (the pinnacle of power in the YuYu Hakusho universe). He does later ascend to S-Class at the end of the manga and in Eizo Hakusho by the time of the second Demon World Tournament. …

Is Yusuke stronger than DEKU?

8 CAN DEFEAT: Deku If he was able to use 100% of his power, he is able to inflict massive damage to his opponent at the cost of losing a limb. However, Yusuke Urameshi can output more consistent damage and then some. What’s more, from a physical standpoint, he has done far more than Deku.

Is Raizen stronger than Yusuke?

Who is the strongest fighter in yu yu hakusho? – Quora. The strongest overall character that we are shown is Raizen, Yusuke’s ancestral father.

Who would win Yusuke vs Hiei?

If we are talking about Six paths or even adults, they would absolutely dominate. So to answer, Naruto and Sasuke would completely obliterate Yusuke and Hiei.

What are the chances of Yusuke beating Naruto?

Yusuke has a chance in round 1 if he doesn’t get hit with a Rasenshuriken. Round 2 goes to Naruto, Yusuke is a brick, Naruto is a better brick and has hax on top of that so Yusuke’s chances are next to 0. Round 3 Naruto solos the verse.

Is Yusuke a B class demon?

;he was quite the monster and only a B class demon. Yusuke is a high S-class demon, it was stated that the difference between high S-class and low S-class was bigger than that between low S-class and E-class (lowest class). I haven’t watched Shippuden, but I think I’ve seen enough of the battle forums to know that Naruto has an advantage there.

How much power can Yusuke take?

Yusuke can take 1. Doesn’t have a chance in the others. so you know YUsuke during Sensui arc was said to have the power to destroy all of Japan, sensui his enemy at the time just by powering up was shaking all of Japan and said so himself that his power is too strong for the human world/earth so headed towards the Demon world for fighting

How many times can Yusuke take R1?

Only one Yusuke has a shot at is R1. Yusuke can take 1. Doesn’t have a chance in the others.