Top 3 Altcoins of 2019? How to trade these Altcoins with leverage!

Top 3 Altcoins of 2019? How to trade these Altcoins with leverage!

In the aftermath of Bitcoin’s crash, altcoins’ astounding success has managed to infuse fresh breath of life into the cryptocurrency industry. Altcoins’ rapidly increasing popularity has given cryptocurrency industry new found resilience amid all the regulatory clampdowns and continuous deterioration in Bitcoin’s market valuation. This unprecedented success has also meant that today there is an oversupply of altcoins, with industry experts claiming that presently there are nearly 1,000 altcoins swirling through the market. This means that roughly every day a new alt coin is launched in the market. You can learn more about it on Turbo Wallet.

Among this plethora of altcoins, we took it on ourselves to choose 3 altcoins that have dominated the crypto investment scene in the current year. We managed to zero down on these three altcoins by using tough criteria and benchmarks like the current market valuation, past performance in the market, future potential so and so forth. The other simultaneous task we took upon is to enlighten our dear readers about how to trade in altcoins using leverage. New as well as potential crypto investors will surely find this enlightening information more than handy.

So now without wasting any further time, we bring you the list top 3 altcoins of 2019.

ChainLink: ChainLink is currently placed at unimpressive 15th position in overall cryptocurrency ranking. However, this year has especially proven to be a revelation for this particular altcoin. Having witnessed massive 550% growth in the ongoing year, it has nearly given 5X returns to the investors.

ChainLink’s unbeaten run sort of overshadowed other altcoins this year and hence its entry on our list is a well-deserved one. Not to mention ChainLink’s current price in the market is still very low and this makes it an attractive proposition for future investment.

Ripple: Since Ripple is one of the oldest altcoins in the markets, its inclusion is likely to raise some eyebrows. But there is no denying the fact that it is one altcoin that has successfully withstood all the ups and downs witnessed in the cryptocurrency industry over the years. Although Ripple has not had a good run this year, it has been again showing upward trends in recent months. The fact that Ripple has been recently trying to expand aggressively justifies its place in this list. Not to mention Ripple (apart from Ethereum) is widely touted as one of the favorites to dislodge Bitcoin from its numero uno position in the near future. Besides, it is already the second largest coin by market capitalization.

Ravencoin: Ravencoin was one of the star performers last year and has had a pretty blistering run this year as well. Although there have been months where it has traded flat, it has still managed to give impressive 6x-7x returns to investors this year. Good run for two consecutive years means that investors have huge faith in this altcoin. Not to mention Ravencoin’s blockchain project that specializes in transfer of assets has managed to create a lot of buzz in the market.

How to trade these Altcoins with leverage on Delta Exchange?

Leverage trading opted via futures and perpetual contracts is one of the most popular trading techniques that is today utilized by almost all crypto derivative exchanges. Leverage or futures contract basically allows traders to take a larger position and invest more than their normal investment capacity. The remaining amount for the position is obviously funded by derivative exchanges, which usually charges fixed interest from trader and also keeps custody of purchased assets as collateral.

Thanks to this leveraging position, a trader can seek higher profit. He can choose to go short as well as long on his investment depending on market conditions. Leverage trading can give pretty handsome returns especially during bullish market but can also inflict huge losses if the market goes down.

There are not many exchanges in the market which offer derivatives for trading ether futures or ripple futures or any alt coins for that matter. Delta Exchange is one of the few exchanges offering altcoins perpetual swaps with leverage.

Delta Exchange allows up to 20x leverage on altcoins while the leverage allowed for Bitcoin is 100x. With perpetual swaps on LINK, LEO, BAT, ATOM, XTZ, XLM, XMR, RVN and BSV, Delta exchange is truly the number #1 Altcoin derivatives exchange in the market.

Delta Exchange offers good liquidity 24X7 and has no overloads or downtimes. Delta exchange currently offers $10 Welcome Bonus to new users on sign-up, thus making it really easy for new users to try the platform.

Make sure that the platform you choose to trade with has high and reliable liquidity and also fulfills other prerequisites with regards to ease of trading, settlement etc. Delta Exchange do fulfill these prerequisites and hence they are the first choice for trading Altcoin futures with leverage.

Lastly, it is important to bear in mind that leverage trading is a very risky game. Sometimes leverage trading can offer handsome profits to make you an overnight millionaire but its losses can be equally unbearable. Therefore if you’re absolutely new to crypto investment then it is highly recommended to start with lower leverage (1x & 2X) and then move higher leverage once you gain the required confidence.