What are Las Maras?

What are Las Maras?

Definition of mara A mara is regarded as a group of delinquents of Latin America origin who reside in the United States but have spread towards Central America; namely, in the countries belonging to the Northern Triangle of Central America: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

What does the 13 in MS 13 stand for?

The term “Salvatruchas” has been explained as a reference to Salvadorian peasants trained to become guerrilla fighters, referred to as the “Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front.” The ’13’ is believed to stand for the letter M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, but it is also been rumored to pay homage to a …

What does Mara Salvatrucha mean in English?

street smart Salvadorians
Name Forensics: Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). Mara is slang meaning ‘gang’ (from La Marabunta; roaring ants—friends protecting each other like ants) and Salvatrucha means ‘street smart Salvadorians’ in Spanish. In Mexico, it operates like a street gang but is closely linked to the cartels.

Who does 18st beef with?

In the United States, 18th Street competes with and is known to feud with various African American and Latino gangs (Norteño and Sureño). Some of the most known adversaries of the gang are Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)[41] and Florencia-13 (F-13).

Where did the maras originate?

The maras emerged from conflicts in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua during the 1980s. Thousands of people fled north, including a large number of young men who had fought on the governments’ side or with the insurgents.

Is East Coast Bloods or Crips?

“Bloods” is a universal term used to refer to West Coast Bloods and United Blood Nation (UBN, also known as the East Coast Bloods). These two groups are traditionally distinct, but both call themselves “Bloods”.

What do MS-13 tattoos mean?

MEXICAN MAFIA (EME) “713” tattooed on the subject’s skull represents the Houston area code. The number 13 stands for “M”, thirteenth letter of the alphabet, for “Mexican Mafia”.