What are most likely to awards?

What are most likely to awards?

Most Likely to… Awards

  • Be Famous.
  • Become Prime Minister.
  • Cure a Disease.
  • Win Olympic gold.
  • Get Married (couple)
  • Tour the World.
  • Set a World Record.
  • Write a Bestselling Novel.

What are some good superlatives?

Tried and True Superlatives for Any School

  • Friendliest.
  • Best Hair.
  • Best Eyes.
  • Most Likely to Succeed.
  • Best Personality.
  • Best Dressed.
  • Class Clown.
  • Most Athletic.

What are fun superlatives?

Here are some must-haves you should consider:

  • Best all-around.
  • Biggest flirt.
  • Class clown.
  • Cutest couple.
  • Life of the party.
  • Most athletic.
  • Most changed.
  • Most likely to succeed.

How do you get awards at work?

Chapter 4: 5 Ideas You Can Use to Improve Employee Recognition and Show Your Appreciation

  1. Speak the “Language of Appreciation”
  2. Create a culture your employees will love.
  3. Think big picture.
  4. Offer employees a values-based recognition program.
  5. Work with a professional recognition and reward company.

What awards can be given to employees?


  • The Employee of the Month. The employee of the month award recognizes those workers who outperformed others in the workplace during a given month.
  • Stand out Performer.
  • Go That Extra Mile.
  • Most Improved Performer.
  • Best Customer Centricity.
  • The Eccentric Performer.
  • The Star Employee.
  • Achiever of the Month.

What are formal awards?

Formal award means a certificate or degree granted in recognition of successful completion of the requirements of a program, conferred by the faculty and ratified by an institution’s governing board.

What are superlatives Awards?

Classroom Superlative Award Categories Awards such as “most improved” or “most valuable player” recognize hard work and dedication both inside and outside of the classroom. While this is an honorable way to pay tribute to students for their achievements, consider recognizing other attributes.

What is the comparative of silly?

silly ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌

adjective silly
comparative sillier
superlative silliest

Who is most likely too question?

Who is most likely to date their best friend’s ex? Who is most likely to be watching a sad movie? Who is most likely to have the most body count? Who is most likely to be watching a romantic movie on a Saturday night?

How do you reward top talent?

Three Steps to Attracting Top Talent

  1. Tie Your Rewards and Recognition Program to Your Company Core Values.
  2. Reward and Recognize Behavior, Not Just Results.
  3. Make Recognition Easy and Frequent.
  4. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

How do you get recognized?

Here are five things you can do today to make sure you’re being recognized.

  1. Raise your hand.
  2. Speak up.
  3. Advocate for yourself.
  4. Know your own value.
  5. Celebrate your wins!

What are some of the funniest employee awards?

Take a look at a few more examples of their funny employee awards: A gold spray painted toilet brush might sound a bit weird as an employee award – especially if given to a retiring CEO . But when you put in the context it actually makes a hilarious employee award!

What is the smelliest and dressed to kill Award?

Smelliest Lunch Award: To the person whose lunch makes its presence felt from miles away purely because you can smell it way before you have laid eyes on it, and continues to smell for hours after lunchtime, goes this award. Dressed To Kill Award: Lots of people love to dress well to work.

What are some silly awards to give to your co-workers?

As a silly award, you can create a guide on how to use the elevators in your building for them! The Interior Decorator – This award is for the coworker who has transformed his or her cubicle into something out of HGTV. Grab them a new decoration as a prize.

What are the best awards for gossipers?

Gossipmonger Award: Gossiping is a kind of guilty pleasure. Some people just can’t stop doing it. Many such people can be found in workplaces. This award is an agreeable way to point them out and perhaps limit gossip. Know It All Award: You know the person.