What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and JulietTo which city does Romeo go after being exiled from Verona? Why is Romeo exiled? Who performs Romeo and Juliet’s marriage? Who is the fairy that Mercutio says visits Romeo in dreams? What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do after Romeo is exiled? Where do Romeo and Juliet meet? Who kills Mercutio?

How is the Romeo and Juliet movie different from the play?

There are many differences between this film and the play. One of the most notable differences is the death scene near the end of the play. In the play, Romeo dies beside Juliet, the priest enters the tomb, and Juliet awakes to find him cold. This is another major difference between the play and movie.

What films are based on Romeo and Juliet?

Retellings of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ rankedRomeo & Juliet (2013) Hailee Steinfeld (Juliet) and Douglas Booth (Romeo). ( Romeo Must Die (2000) Russell Wang and Jet Li in Romeo Must Die. Gnomeo & Juliet (2011) Warm Bodies (2013) Romeo and Juliet (2013) William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996) 3. Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Is Titanic based on Romeo and Juliet?

The film The Titanic tells the story of a couple, Jack and Rose, who are similar to Romeo and Juliet. Jack and Rose are on board the maiden voyage of the ship the Titanic across the Atlantic Ocean. Both Romeo and Juliet and The Titanic used banishment as an attempt to keep the lovers away from each other.

What came first Titanic or Romeo and Juliet?

Rudd and DiCaprio starred together in Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet, which came out the year before Titanic (the third highest grossing film of all time) was released.

What is the most accurate Romeo and Juliet movie?

Pasta-Enthusiast Currently, the most accurate Romeo and Juliet adaptation, in my opinion, is the version released in 2013. (It is on netflix as well) It has most of the original dialogue, has the historically accurate costumes and set, and the acting is superb. It really shows the characters’ personalities and motives.

How old was Romeo and Juliet?

In this work, Juliet is a young girl of 16, while Romeo is somewhat older. Shakespeare cuts three years off Juliet’s age to make her the tender age of 13: as Old Capulet says to Paris, ‘she hath not seen the change of fourteen years’.

What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

What are some questions to ask about Romeo and Juliet?

Examination Questions on Romeo and Juliet

  • What is the dramatic function of Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech?
  • Why the disagreements of the Servingmen?
  • What has been accomplished in Act I?
  • What is the dramatic purpose of Romeo’s witticisms in 2.1?
  • What is the dramatic purpose of Friar Laurence’s first soliloquy?

What is an example of a prologue in Romeo and Juliet?

A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. . . . As a prologue to the play, the Chorus enters. In a fourteen-line sonnet, the Chorus describes two noble households (called “houses”) in the city of Verona. The houses hold an “ancient grudge” (Prologue.

What is the prologue of Romeo and Juliet written in?

Shakespeare wrote the prologue of “Romeo and Juliet” in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, which means that the prologue is a poem with 14 lines written in iambic pentameter. The sonnet also contains a specific rhyme scheme (abab cdcd efef gg) and can be broken down into three quatrains and a final rhyming couplet.

What is the problem in the prologue of Romeo and Juliet?

Based on the Prologue, the main conflict in Romeo and Juliet is the strife between the Capulets and Montagues, coupled with Romeo and Juliet’s…

How old was Romeo?

Because actors ostensibly need training and skill to navigate Shakespeare’s words, most productions of Romeo and Juliet cast performers who are older than the characters as he wrote them: Juliet is 13 (“she hath not seen the change of fourteen years,” according to her father); Romeo’s age is unspecified, but he’s …

What language techniques are used in the prologue of Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare makes use of several literary devices in ‘Act I Prologue’. These include but are not limited to allusion, alliteration, and enjambment. The first of these, allusion, is the most prominent. This entire fourteen-line sonnet is one extended example of allusion.

What mood is created in the prologue?

The prologue creates a dark, ominous mood for the rest of the play to come because the audience knows that there will be violence and tragic deaths throughout the play.

What type of poem is a prologue?

Lesson Summary The prologue’s form is a standard Elizabethan sonnet, which is a 14-line poem that is split up into three quatrains and a couplet, and contains a volta, or ”turn,” between the first two quatrains and the last quatrain, which marks the transition to another related topic.

How Shakespeare presents conflict in the prologue?

Shakespeare opens the play with a prologue and it is here that he first depicts the conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets. “Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

Did Romeo get Juliet pregnant?

No, she kills herself only a few days after she first has sex with Romeo after discovering him apparently dead. So while there could have been a conception, no time for pregnancy signs. While a child out of wedlock would not be unheard of in Shakespeare, it is never implied or said that Romeo and Juliet ever had sex.

What poetic form is the prologue presented in Romeo and Juliet?

The poetic form that is used in the prologue to act 1 of Romeo and Juliet is: A sonnet. Sonnets have 14 line and use Iambic pentameter.

What is the plot summary of Romeo and Juliet?

Here is a brief plot summary of Romeo & Juliet: On a hot morning fighting by young servants of the Capulet and Montague families is stopped by the Prince who tells them that the next person who breaks the peace will be punished with death.

What are the opening lines of Romeo and Juliet?

In the first lines of the prologue to the famous play Romeo and Juliet the speaker, who is the “Chorus” addresses the audience. This person is all-knowing and has a full understanding of what is about to happen on stage. In the first line , the chorus tells the audience that it is in “Verona” a beautiful of “fair” city that the play is taking place.

What is the final scene in Romeo and Juliet?

Act 5, scene 3, is the final scene in Romeo and Juliet. It is considered to contain much symbolism, especially of the dagger and its part in Juliet’s death.