What are the advantages and disadvantages of JK flip flop?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of JK flip flop?

# When the two inputs are tied together, the JK flip-flop can act as a T flip-flop that is widely used in binary counters. Disadvantage: # When both the inputs and clock pulse signal are at level 1 after the output is complemented once, output transmission will start getting repeated and continuous.

What is the disadvantages of JK flip flop?

JK flip-flop has a drawback of timing problem known as “RACE”. The condition of RACE arises if the output Q changes its state before the timing pulse of the clock input has time to go in OFF state. The other is called the “SLAVE” circuit, which triggers when the clock pulse is at the falling edge.

What is the major advantage of JK flip flop?

What is the major advantage of the J-K flip-flop over the S-R flip-flop? The J-K flip-flop is much faster. The J-K flip-flop does not have propagation delay problems. The J-K flip-flop has a toggle state.

What is the problem of JK flip flop?

The JK flip flop is an improved clocked SR flip flop. But it still suffers from the “race” problem. This problem occurs when the state of the output Q is changed before the clock input’s timing pulse has time to go “Off”. We have to keep short timing plus period (T) for avoiding this period.

What is Flip Flop disadvantages?

Additional disadvantages may consist of increased heel pain, possible exposure to a fungal infection, and an altered posture, which may could affect the entire structure of the body. Research has shown if you choose to wear flip flops, it may be beneficial to significantly limit the time they are worn.

What are the advantages of ad flip flop?

The advantage of D flip-flops is their simplicity and the fact that the output and input are essentially identical, except displaced in time by one clock period.

What are the advantages of flip flops?

13. ADVANTAGES OF CIRCUIT DESIGN FLIP FLOPS  The main advantage of flip flop is that it have a circuit inside it contain gates and can generate specific output, it make a complex circuit much simpler.  It can perform the functions of the set/reset flip-flop and has the advantage that there are no ambiguous states.

What is the advantage of using the J-K flip-flop over the D flip flop?

The difference between both of these flip flops is that the “JK flip flop” has no invalid or forbidden input states of the SR Latch even when S and R are both at logic “1”. The sequential operation of the JK flip flop is exactly the same as for the previous SR flip-flop with the same “Set” and “Reset” inputs.

What are the advantage over SR flip flop?

The obvious advantage of this clocked SR flip-flop is that the inputs R and S are considered only when the clock pulse is high. As before the condition R = S = 1 is indeterminate and should be avoided.

Where is J-K flip-flop used?

JK Flip Flop is a universal flip-flop that makes the circuit toggle between two states and is widely used in shift registers, counters, PWM and computer applications.

Which is the inactive condition of J-K flip-flop?

A J-K flip-flop has a condition of J = 0, K=0, and both PRESET and LEAR are inactive.

What is disadvantage of JK flip flop Mcq?

It has an invalid state. It has no clock input. It has only a single output.

What are the disadvantages of the JK flip flop?

the main drawback of the jk flip flop is the race around condition. it happens when both the input is 1. In race around condition output toggles more than one time. if that happens it will be very hard to predict the state of the flip flop.

What is a j-k flip-flop?

Among the basic flip-flops the J-K flip-flop is the most versatile. 2. It has two inputs which are labelled as J and K. If J and K are not the same then the output Q takes the value of J at the next clock edge.

What is the difference between S-R and j-k flip-flops?

The output of an S-R (“set-reset”) flip-flop is undefined when both inputs are high at the clock pulse. This is usually undesirable and is probably the “drawback” you’re looking for. By contrast, the output of the J-K (“j” and “k” were arbitrary names for the inputs chosen by the original designer and don’t mean anything) flip-flop is defined.

What is a flip flop?

Before you go through this article, make sure that you have gone through the previous article on Flip Flops. A Flip Flop is a memory element that is capable of storing one bit of information. It is also called as Bistable Multivibrator since it has two stable states either 0 or 1.