What are the basic rules of volleyball?

What are the basic rules of volleyball?

The basic rules of volleyball are the same across all variations of the sport. Play is typically organized with two teams organized in a formation on either side of a net. Each team attempts to score points by sending the ball over the net to their opponent, with the goal of having the ball hit the ground to end each rally.

How many substitutions are allowed in a volleyball game?

Currently in domestic rules, up to 12 substitutions are permitted per set for each team, and there is no limit on the replacement of players from the starting lineup. The specific rules for volleyball competition vary in the United States.

What is the size of a volleyball court?

In sitting volleyball, the net is about 3 feet high, and the court is 10 x 6 meters with a 2-meter attack line. The court is divided into two sides of 5m deep by 6m wide.

What is the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

Beach volleyball is played with a different style of ball from the indoor version, slightly larger and lighter. Double contact calls are much stricter in beach volleyball, allowing for very minimal rotation of the ball in the air after it is set, and players are not allowed to “tip” the ball over the net using an open hand.

A very general description of Volleyball Rules & Regulations: Two teams of 6 players each (with substitutes) play the sport of volleyball, on a court that is divided by a net. The object of the sport is to hit an inflated ball (the volleyball) over the net, such that the opposing team cannot return the ball either because

Who gets to serve next in volleyball?

If the team receiving the serve wins a rally as defined within the above three sub-points, that team scores a point and it gets to serve next (also called a “side-out”). A “set” is a single game of volleyball, and a “match” is a certain number of sets played to determine the overall winner of the play between two teams.

Can a player block a serve in volleyball?

A player cannot block or attack a serve from on or inside the 10-foot line. After the serve, front-line players may switch positions at the net. Matches are made up of sets; the number depends on level of play. 3-set matches are 2 sets to 25 points and a third set to 15. Each set must be won by two points.

How many sets are there in a volleyball match?

A match is a maximum of 5 sets, with a team being declared winner of the match if it wins 3 sets (i.e. a team may win 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2). In the case of a 5 th set when the match is tied at 2 sets each, the final set is played to 15 points rather than 25, with the win by 2 points rule remaining in effect.