What are the examples of subordinating conjunctions?

What are the examples of subordinating conjunctions?

Examples of Subordinating Conjunction

  • My father believes that I should be a writer.
  • He inspires me always because he believes in me.
  • He works so hard that he can provide everything we need.
  • I trust him because he is a trustworthy person.
  • My life will be blessed if I fulfill his dreams.
  • He will always support me whether I succeed or not.

What is the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions?

A coordinating conjunction used to join clauses has only one function: it joins clauses of equal importance. A subordinating conjunction, on the other hand, has two functions: it joins, and it shows a relationship between the clauses that it joins.

What are examples of a complex sentence?

A complex sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. This means that the clauses are not equal, they use a co-ordinating conjunction that changes the rank of one or more of the clauses to make it less equal. For example; My Dad laughed when I told a joke.

What is an example of subordination?

Subordination uses conjunctions (for example: although, because, since, when, which, who, if, whereas) to connect one dependent clause to an independent clause, creating a COMPLEX sentence. By using a complex sentence, you indicate to your reader that one idea carries more weight than the other.

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Which sentence joins two ideas that are different?

Coordination joins sentences with related and equal ideas, whereas subordination joins sentences with related but unequal ideas. Sentences can be coordinated using either a coordinating conjunction and a comma or a conjunctive adverb and a semicolon.

How do you use subordination in a sentence?

His leg broke when the sled hit a tree. Ideas presented in one sentence using subordination: This weekend, Dale broke his leg when his sled hit a tree. [Dale broke his leg is the main idea. The fact that it happened when the sled hit a tree is the subordinated idea.]