What do gifts Symbolise justify the title of the poem The Gift of India?

What do gifts Symbolise justify the title of the poem The Gift of India?

The gift of India​ is the most appropriate title for the poem as it honours all the Indian soldiers that India had gifted to the British during the World War I. These soldiers fought relentlessly on alien soils and laid their lives. Not a single word of praise or an honour was bestowed upon them by the British.

How is the gift of India both a celebration and a proclamation of her martyrs?

How is “The Gift of India” both a celebration and a proclamation of her martyrs? But the biggest contribution was in the form of his martyred sons for the cause of others in the World War I. The poem celebrates the sacrifice of numerous Indian soldiers fighting in the foreign lands.

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What does the poem say about the benefits that Colonisers have gained from India?

The poem says that India had showered great favours even on her colonisers and they did not appropriately appreciate her greatness. Without the help of India, the British could have never gained such great victory in the war.

How apt is the title of the poem The Gift of India?

tleThe title The Gift of India is apt as the poem focuses on the priceless lives of Indian sons given as gift to Allied forces during the fir he First World War, pins with Mother India crying out that though the British had The poel Scanned with CamScanner Page 8 taken over her country and monopolised its resources in …

Is the gift of India Anti War poem?

Although The Gift of India is a patriotic poem but at one point it appears as an anti war poem. Naidu through this poem has depicted the horrors of the war through brutal killings of the Indian soldiers in the First World war. These soldiers fought in alien lands and died on the battlefield.

Who is the speaker in the poem The Gift of India?

the mother india

How apt is the title of the story Salvatore?

Answer. The title of the story ‘Salvatore’ by Somerset Maugham is perfect for the story. The story is of the life of a man whose life has been full of hardships. However, he was at peace and happy at the end.

What according to Mother India were her priceless treasures What happened to them?

The rich gifts which mother India gave the world are the priceless treasures like precious cloth, grain and gold, and also her sons as soldiers to fight someone else’s war. Nothing has been withheld, nor the richest of garments, food grains and precious metals like gold.

What is the theme of the gift of India?

The Gift of India is a poignant and patriotic poem by the Sarojini Naidu which praises the sacrifices made my the Indian soldiers in World War I . Dealing with the theme of courage and selfless sacrifice, The Gift of India is also an ode to the unsung heros, the children of Mother India who laid their lives for others.

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Why are the graves alien in the poem The Gift of India?

This poem was written during 1st world war so the indian soldiers were merged woth British and they fought in France and Flanders and many other foreign places . they died there. so they were burried in the graves of foreign places and not in india . therefore the graves are referred jere as alien graves.

How appropriate is the title of the poem?

Answer. Explanation: yes because the poem want to create sympathy and the title is right because the subject want to create sympathy .

What does Naidu suggest in the last line of the poem The Gift of India?

What does the poetess Sarojini Naidu suggest in the last line of her poem “The Gift of India”? Remember the blood of my martyred sons! In the above mentioned line, Naidu suggests martyrdom for the countless Indian soldiers who fought for the British in the World War I and gave their lives.

How is the gift of India a patriotic poem?

It describes the sacrifice of India for British cause. In the poem, Mother India herself proclaims proudly her gifts to the west. The first stanza introduces the various gifts India has bestowed upon the colonisers, which include both its riches and people.

What makes Mother India proud?

The mother’s sorrows and sufferings are unfathomable. But she is not only sad, but also proud and hopeful for her sons. And the pride which mother India has is for the bravery of her sons who fought with their heads held high and brought victory and for the sacrifice they did for other nations.