What do you put around a flagpole?

What do you put around a flagpole?

Adding plants around the flagpole will improve the look of the area.

  1. Ground Covers. Ground covers generally grow low to the ground and won’t get in the way of raising or lowering the flag.
  2. Annuals and Perennials.
  3. Full Sun Plants.
  4. Evergreen Shrubs.

How do you landscape a flagpole?

How to Landscape Around Flagpoles

  1. Remove all weeds and clear the grass around your flagpole.
  2. Add one or two rows of small perennials around the flagpole in a circular fashion.
  3. Combine both flowers and ground cover to create a slightly more complex look that still allows the flag to grab most of the attention.

How do you plant flowers around a flag pole?


  1. Lay out a circular flower bed around the flagpole base with a diameter at least as long as 1/3 of the pole’s height.
  2. Place stepping stones to make a path to the pole, which provides easy access to raise and lower the flag.
  3. Set a backdrop for the annuals by planting an ornamental grass and dwarf shrub.

What kind of concrete do you use for a flagpole?

You can use any type of concrete, but I recommend buying high quality concrete because you want to make sure you don’t have to re-install your flagpole should it fall over or the concrete begin to crack. I mixed the concrete in a wheel barrow and poured it around the PVC tube about a quarter of the way up the pipe.

Should you take the flag down when it rains?

The U.S. Flag Code addresses the rules for flying flags, rain or shine. It is specific on what to do in the case of rain. The United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, states: “The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.”

Should you fly the flag in the rain?

The flag should not be subject to weather damage, so it should not be displayed during rain, snow and wind storms unless it is an all-weather flag. It should be displayed often, but especially on national and state holidays and special occasions.

How many bags of concrete are needed for flagpole?

As far as materials go, you will need up to 240 pounds worth of pre-mix concrete, 15 to 20 pounds of pea gravel, and water. Then, for tools, make sure you have a post hole digger, level, tape measure, and a bucket to mix the concrete inside of.

What size should hang on a 50ft flagpole?

Selecting a Flagpole

Height of Flagpole Minimum Flag Size Maximum Flag Size
40 ft 5ft x 8ft 8ft x 12ft
50 ft 6ft x 10ft 10ft x 15ft
50 ft 6ft x 10ft 10ft x 15ft
60 ft 8ft x 12ft 12ft x 18ft

What is the best residential flag pole?

Ezpole Liberty- The Excellent Flagpole Kit for Residential Use. Ezpole,a telescoping flagpole,offers users a great solution to the problems found in other telescoping flagpoles: if not adequately

  • Federal Flags — A Commercial-Grade American Flagpole for Residential Use. This commercial flagpole is made of aluminum and has a satin finish to add to the beauty.
  • Valley Forge — A 20-Foot Flagpole Kit. If you are looking for a residential flagpole that is both steady and reliable,then this five sectional in-ground residential flagpole is
  • Uncommon Presidential Series — An American Flag and Pole for Home Use.
  • Super Tough — A Heavy Duty Residential Flagpole. If you are on the lookout for a new tall residential flagpole,then the flagpole from super-tough is all that you
  • Telepole Manufacturing “Superior 1” — The Good Telescoping Flagpole for Two Flags.
  • Windstrong Heavy Duty Residential Flagpole — Best Telescoping Flagpole. The telescoping flagpole from Windstrong is one of the few residential flagpoles that are successful in combining durability with convenience.
  • Grace Alley Flagpole Kit — Best Home Flagpole. Not all people are fans of large and intimidating flagpoles sticking out from their property.
  • How do you install a flag pole?

    Install a flagpole by digging a hole the size the pole manufacturer recommends, centering the ground tube in the hole and making sure it is plumb. Pour concrete in the hole surrounding the tube.

    What is a flag pole?

    flag·pole a pole on which a flag is raised and flown A pole on which a flag is raised.

    What is a garden flag?

    Garden flag stands or garden stakes can easily be displayed in a planter by your front door or place them in your yard. Decorative flags give your home an updated curb appeal. Change your flags for every season and holiday to add eye-catching color to your outdoor decorations.