What does a 470 ohm resistor do?

What does a 470 ohm resistor do?

A passive device that resists the flow of electricity. This resistor will provide 470 Ohms of resistance wherever it is placed and will handle 1/4 watts. Use these low value resistors for voltage dividers and where you need to keep the current flow as high as possible.

What color is a 470 ohm resistor?

470 Ohm 0.5W Carbon Film Resistor (CFR) with ±5% Tolerance. 470 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Yellow, Violet, Brown, Golden.

How much do resistors cost?

1/2 WATT – Sold in Packages of 5 1/2 WATT – Sold in Packages of 5
10 ohm 1/2W …. $2.49 10 ohm 1/2W …. $0.79
12 ohm 1/2W …. $2.49 12 ohm 1/2W …. $0.79
15 ohm 1/2W …. $2.49 15 ohm 1/2W …. $0.79
18 ohm 1/2W …. $2.49 18 ohm 1/2W …. $0.79

How do I know if I have a 470 ohm resistor?

So for 470-ohm resistor, 1st digit is ‘ 4 ‘, ∴ look for color in a chart with value 4, then it’s your 1st color(say yellow). The next 2nd digit is ‘ 7 ‘, ∴ look for color in a chart with value 7, then it’s your 2nd color (say violet).

What is the Colour code for 470?

Technical Specifications

Resistance 470 ohm
Color Code Yellow / Violet / Brown / Gold
Type Carbon Film
Voltage Maximum Operating 350V
Polarization None

What color code is 4.7 ohms?

4.7 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Yellow, Violet, Golden, Golden.

What are the 3 Colour bands of a 470 ohm resistor?

8.1 Color Code of 470 Ohm 4-Band Resistor

Band Value
1st Yellow 4
2nd Violet 7
3rd Brown 10
4th Gold 5%

How do you buy a resistor?

When choosing a resistor to buy for a given application calculate the power dissipation and run it well within its ratings. Many companies that design electronic equipment recommend running them at a maximum of 50 or 60% of their maximum rating.

How do you make a 100 ohm resistor?

Take two 50 Ohm resistors and connect them in series 😉 Jokes aside: You could use high resistance wire and measure enough length, of a specific type, to get 100 Ohm. It has 18.2 M Ohm/cm at 25C in a closed environment.

What does 4K7 resistor mean?

4k7 means that the resistance of those resistors is equal 4.7k ohm (writing the letter K in the middle makes the notation more clear, especially when copied and printed again, so that you don’t have to guess whether it was 4.7k or 47k).

How do I identify a 4.7 K ohm resistor?

For the first two bands, find that color’s corresponding digit value. The 4.7kΩ resistor shown here has color bands of yellow and violet to begin – which have digit values of 4 and 7 (47). The third band of the 4.7kΩ is red, which indicates that the 47 should be multiplied by 102 (or 100). 47 times 100 is 4,700!

What is resistor 1k?

A resistor reduces (or resists) the flow of current. So, a 1k Ω resistor has a value of 1,000 ohms and the number we will code is 1,000. There are three steps for coding a 1kΩ resistor.

What is the colour code for 470 ohm?

470R / 470 ohm Resistor Colour Code . Value: 470 Ω: Type: 4 Band Colour Code System: Colour Code : Yellow, Violet, Brown, Gold: Multiplier: Brown, 10: Tolerance: Gold Band ±5%: Related Articles. Resistor Colour Code Standard Resistor Values Ohm ‘s Law Resistors in Parallel

What is 1000 ohm resistor?

The resistor’s function is to reduce the flow of electric current. This symbol is used to indicate a resistor in a circuit diagram, known as a schematic. Resistance value is designated in units called the “Ohm.”. A 1000 Ohm resistor is typically shown as 1K-Ohm ( kilo Ohm ), and 1000 K-Ohms is written as 1M-Ohm ( megohm ).

What is an ohm resistor?

The resistor is a passive electrical component to create resistance in the flow of electric current. In almost all electrical networks and electronic circuits they can be found. The resistance is measured in ohms. An ohm is the resistance that occurs when a current of one ampere passes through a resistor with a one volt drop across its terminals.