What does a yellow blinking light mean on a Mitsubishi TV?

What does a yellow blinking light mean on a Mitsubishi TV?

The LED on the front of the set will start blinking a 2-digit code to indicate the type of problem detected….2009 Models.

STATUS LED Error Code Meaning Probable Cause/Fix
Blinking yellow Lamp cover door is open. (DLP TV’s) Remove and reseat lamp door.

How do I know if my projector bulb is bad?

Five Signs You Need a New Projector Lamp

  1. Complete Failure/Popping Sound. If you turn the projector on, hear an audible *POP*, then the screen goes completely dark, you’ve probably just heard your projector bulb burning out.
  2. Indicator Light/Message.
  3. Dim Light From Projector.
  4. Color Shifting.
  5. Image Flicker.

How do I reset my Mitsubishi 73 TV?

How to Reset a Mitsubishi TV

  1. Open the front panel by pushing on it.
  2. Use a pointed object, such as the sharpened end of a pencil or the tip of a paper clip, to push the “System Reset” button.
  3. Wait about one minute, or until the green LED light on the front panel display stops flashing.

Why won’t my Mitsubishi TV turn on?

Try resetting: Press and hold the POWER button for 10 secs. or unplug and replug power. If no help, the TV will need repair by a technician. Remove and reseat lamp door.

Where to buy Mitsubishi wd-73640 73-inch projection TV (2011 model)?

Buy Mitsubishi WD-73640 73-Inch 1080p Projection TV (2011 Model): LED & LCD TVs – Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Amazon.com: Mitsubishi WD-73640 73-Inch 1080p Projection TV (2011 Model) : Electronics

How does the wd-73737 rear projection TV work?

The WD-73737 uses Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology for rear-projection TVs to create the picture you see on screen. All images are displayed at 1080p, and the TV uses Plush 1080p 5G to convert lower-resolution signals to 1080p for display.

What are the dimensions of a Mitsubishi 3D DLP TV?

73″ 3D DLP Home Cinema TV Product information Technical Details Brand Name ‎Mitsubishi Item Weight ‎90 pounds Product Dimensions ‎17.9 x 65.5 x 43.75 inches Item model number ‎WD73640

Why buy the Mitsubishi wd-73737?

With picture performance that outpaces today’s smaller flat panels, Mitsubishi’s 73-inch WD-73737 offers a larger than life, intensely vivid viewing experience.