What does DCS Corp stand for?

What does DCS Corp stand for?

Dynamic Computing Services
Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) Corp.

How many employees does DCS Corp have?

The transformative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit that characterize our more than 1,800+ employee-owners allow DCS to ensure success of each client’s mission and actively contribute to the well-being of the nation.

Is DCS Corp a small business?

DCS offers a unique mix of small company values and delivers solutions typically associated with larger companies. Our entire management team is engaged and involved in strategic plan development.

When was DCS Corp founded?

It was founded in 1977 and headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

Who is DCS Corp?

Who We are. DCS is a premier professional services firm providing engineering, programmatic and technical support services to the Department of Defense and other customers focused on national security.

Why choose DCS Corporation?

DCS Corporation Honored for Excellence in “Employee Ownership” Communications. We are an employee owned firm with a track record of sustained growth over 40 years. DCS provides advanced technology solutions to the Government in support of national security and Department of Defense initiatives.

Who is dcdcs?

DCS is a leading provider of electronic warfare capabilities to the Army, Navy, and Air Force. We support work ground vehicle survivability upgrades F-35 electronic warfare systems and sensors, inventory aircraft mission data, and more. Infoscitex… A master integrator of AFSIM and its core capabilities.

What has DCS done for the military?

We have supported many weapon system acquisition programs, including developmental testing and operational testing of those systems. DCS is a leading researcher across the DoD supporting key military capabilities and enabling strategic and tactical use of human/machine cooperation and neuroergonomics.