What does Dodecahydrate mean?

What does Dodecahydrate mean?

Definition of dodecahydrate : a compound with 12 molecules of water.

What is the word dodecahedron mean?

12 plane faces
Definition of dodecahedron : a solid having 12 plane faces.

Is there such a word as dodecahedron?

noun, plural do·dec·a·he·drons, do·dec·a·he·dra [doh-dek-uh-hee-druh, doh-dek-]. Geometry, Crystallography. a solid figure having 12 faces.

What is a hexahydrate?

Definition of hexahydrate : a chemical compound with six molecules of water.

How many types of alum are there?

Alum exists in different forms: potash alum, Soda alum, ammonium alum, and chrome alum.

What is a dodecahedron used for?

A dodecahedron, found at Jublains, the ancient Nouiodunum, dating from the 2nd or 3rd century AD, is used to create a model. Looking through the model, it is possible to test it for measurements of distance based on similar triangles.

What’s the definition of Hedron?

a combining form meaning “face,” used in the names of geometrical solid figures having the form or number of faces specified by the initial element: tetrahedron.

What does a dodecahedron look like?

A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional figure having twelve faces that are pentagonal in shape. All the faces are flat 2-D shapes. There are five platonic solids and dodecahedron is one of them.

What does the dodecahedron Symbolise?

The dodecahedron is said to represent the universe; while the other four Platonic solids represent earth, fire, water and air, the five elements.

What is a dihydrate?

noun Chemistry. a hydrate that contains two molecules of water, as potassium sulfite, K2SO3⋅2H2O.

What is a trihydrate?

trihydrate. / (traɪˈhaɪdreɪt) / noun. chem a substance that contains three molecules of water.

What does alum look like?

Most alums have an astringent and acid taste. They are colourless, odourless, and exist as a white crystalline powder. Alums are generally soluble in hot water, and they can be readily precipitated from aqueous solutions to form large octahedral crystals.