What does Optimus Prime say to the Dinobots?

What does Optimus Prime say to the Dinobots?

Optimus Prime: [to the Dinobots] Legendary warriors, the powers that created us now want us all extinguished. We must join forces, or else we’ll all be their slaves. So today you stand with us… or you stand against me.

Why did Optimus Prime fight Grimlock?

Because Grimlock, like his other incarnations and his Dinobot comrades, resort to brute force as the first answer. These Dinobots would look down on anyone weaker than them, including Optimus Prime, and never respected Optimus’s leading capabilities and that he isn’t tough enough.

Can Grimlock beat Optimus Prime?

Grimlock is among the strongest of the Transformers, possibly an equal to, or even superior to Optimus Prime and Megatron in most continuities. In Tyrannosaurus rex mode, his powerful jaws can snap virtually anything that comes between them.

How tall is Grimlock?

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Megatron: ~30′ Grimlock: 40′ Bruticus: 70′

How strong is Grimlock?

Physically, Grimlock is one of the strongest Cybertronians alive, he has accomplished amazing feats using his berserk, monstrous strength, he has pushed down towers with ease in Fall of Cybertron, break through steel walls, single-handedly took down an army of Decepticons, was able to go one-on-one with Megatron (in G1 …

Can Megatron defeat Grimlock?

Can Megatron beat Grimlock? Yes, yes he could; reason being that Grim tends to fight back the rage because he doesn’t want to feel like he isn’t in control of himself and again rage could actually win him the battle.

What happened to soundwave after Transformers Prime?

Soundwave and Laserbeak were ultimately banished to the Shadowzone by the Autobots’ human allies in the final battle aboard the Nemesis.

How did Optimus Prime defeat Grimlock?

Prime knew overpowering Grimlock is just plain dumb. Prime has had experience in taking down beings of same size (demolisher). Optimus, Pimp slaps Grimlock with one hand sending him metres away, stumbling him to the floor who weighs 850 Tons and in momentum so the energy would be much higher.

Did any of the Autobots Miss Grimlock’s attack on swoop?

None of the Autobots missed. “What is it, Grimlock?” Optimus asked. Grimlock looked at Swoop and nodded. Swoop walked up to Optimus. “We came to Earth for a reason, Optimus. We were looking for you.” “For me?” Optimus asked. “We need your help,” Swoop said. “Sludge, Slug, and Snarl were captured.”

How did Optimus Prime get the Dinobots to obey him?

When Optimus realized they are not strong enough to with the upcoming battle, he used the sword to free the captive dinobots. They initially refused to obey him, but after proving himself to the dinobot leader Grimlock, Optimus earned the respect of the dinobots and helped him with the battle (in exchange for their freedom afterwards)

What did Optimus Prime say about the ground bridge?

The Autobots began transforming and running into it. Grimlock and Swoop had initially went on guard when the thing activated but now were looking at it with curiosity. “What that?” Grimlock asked, pointing at the ground bridge. “A ground bridge,” Optimus explained. “An work of genius created by Ratchet that allows us to go anywhere on this planet.”