What famous bass players use flatwound strings?

What famous bass players use flatwound strings?

Ian Smith. , Played bass for 25 years. Lyricist.

  • Arnoud Faber. , studied at School of Life. John Deacon from Queen also used flatwounds.
  • Mal Williams. I have used flat wound strings especially the Rotosound brand as I like the thick round sound they offer rather than it being too bright with the standard strings.
  • Can you reuse flatwound bass strings?

    I re-used flatwounds a few times. If strings are removed from the bass, they aren’t under tension anymore. Leave them for a while, half a year or so, and they’ll partly recover. If re-installed they sound ‘newer’ than they did before.

    Are flatwound bass strings good for rock?

    Flatwound strings are probably most common with electric basses, especially for fretless basses. However, the bass guitar is not taking all the spotlight in rock music, so you might just get away with flat-wound strings on a bass. In fact, some may prefer such a smoother tone.

    Are flatwound strings better?

    Flatwounds Strings Flatwound guitar strings usually have a warmer, mellower, and smoother tone compared to roundwound strings. They have less high-end and are more focused sounding than roundwounds. Because of this, they can sometimes sit in mixes better than roundwound strings.

    Are flatwound bass strings easier?

    Other players may appreciate the smoother feel of flatwounds, especially when playing over extended periods. Even if you’ve built up your calluses with roundwounds, the faster feel of flatwounds can become addictive.

    Did paul McCartney use flatwound bass strings?

    He definitely used flatwound strings, and it’s unlikely that he ever bothered to change them unless one broke. Flatwound bass strings last a long time, and they sound even better with age (up to a point). Using flatwound strings is the most important thing to get right if you’re going after McCartney’s bass tone.

    What do dead bass strings sound like?

    Many bass players describe the sound of dead bass strings as muffled or muddy. They look funky. Another telltale sign of strings gone bad is rust, dark spots, or other discolorations along the length of them. They are starting to unravel.

    Why do new bass strings sound bad?

    They are a brand of coated strings. Strings degrade in part because your fingers bring chemistry which corrodes them and funk which embeds between windings. Coating protects them, but changes the tone in ways some musicians don’t like.

    Do flatwound strings have more tension?

    Flatwound strings hold more string tension than roundwound strings. More string tension increases the amount of pressure the fingers need to use to push down the strings. In other words, your finger and hand muscles will need to work harder to produce the tone than when using roundwound strings.

    Why are Flatwounds so expensive?

    Another thing to consider is the amount of processing that must go into the fabrication. This is why Flatwound or nylon tapewound strings will generally cost more than a typical roundwound string especially if they are hand wound (which is rare these days).

    Do Flatwounds strings have more tension?