What happened to Logos Hope?

What happened to Logos Hope?

History. In 1973 the ship was commissioned as the car ferry Gustav Vasa running between Malmö (Sweden) and Travemünde (Germany), a route she ran for 10 years. In April 1983 she was sold to the Faroese ferry company Smyril Line and renamed Norröna. Gute Bücher für Alle purchased the vessel in March 2004.

What happened to the Logos ship?

She entered service in 1990 and was active until October 2008 when she was sold. The work of Logos II is now being carried on by a replacement vessel Logos Hope….MV Logos II.

Fate Scrapped 2008
General characteristics
Tonnage 4,804 Gross tons
Length 109.55 m (359 ft 5 in)

What does Logos Hope do?

We’re an international ship sharing knowledge, help and hope through literature, cultural understanding, relief work and much more.

Where is the Logos Hope ship now?

The vessel is currently at port TAKORADI, GH after a voyage of 6 days, 16 hours originating from port FREETOWN, SL. LOGOS HOPE (IMO: 7302914) is a Passenger Ship that was built in 1973 (49 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of Malta.

Where is MV Doulos now?

MV Doulos Phos is a retired cruise ship that held the record of being the world’s oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship, serving from 1914 until December 2009. She is now owned by Eric Saw, director and chief executive of BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Are there libraries on cruise ships?

Cruise ship libraries offer a wide selection of books which can be read in the library or elsewhere on the ship – as long as they are returned before passengers disembark for good. “Ships are stocked with an extensive library including contemporary titles in a wide range of categories.

Where is the Doulos ship now?

Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel, also fondly known as The Grand Old Lady of the Seas, today seats majestically on her very own purpose-build Anchor Isle right beside the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal in Bintan Island.

What happened to the logos Matrix?

The Logos was destroyed on impact when it crash-landed in the Machine City.

What time does the Logos Hope open?

Saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Opening hours are as follows: Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. The ship is closed on Mondays and on the Oct. 26. Entrance fee in EC$2 per person. Adults 65 and over enter for free.

What is the difference between an ocean liner and cruise ship?

Ocean Liners are designed to undertake a line voyage, between point A and point B across a large expanse of open ocean (such as the transatlantic crossing between North America and Europe). Cruise Ships are typically designed to undertake pleasure voyages, closer to the coast, sailing between ports.

What is the name of the world’s largest floating book ship?

The Logos Hope
The Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book store-cum-library is a ship owned by the German shipping company GBA Ships e.V. which operates its fleet for specific charity purposes.

Is there a library on Carnival Pride?

Every Carnival ship features an onboard library stocked with the good stuff. For the silent types, it’s a great place to read, but if the roar of the ocean is more your soundtrack, the library is a great place to find a good read to devour, al fresco.

What is OmOm ships international?

OM Ships International is a non-denominational Christian organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge, help, and hope.

How do I find shipping and sailing schedules?

Find Shipping & Sailing Schedules by Route, Port, Vessel, or Carrier. At SeaRates, we allow you to check shipping schedules by routing, by port, by vessel, or by carrier. This service is accessible on our website, or can be integrated to your system via API or iFrame technology.

Can I view the sailing schedules for non-Reefer cargo and Reefer cargo?

You can specifically view the sailing schedules for Non-Reefer Cargo or Reefer Cargo. SeaRates is providing customers with tracking management solutions since the very beginning in 2005.