What is a crib house?

What is a crib house?

In New Zealand, crib was established as a designation for a small house at the seaside or at a resort. About the beginning of the 17th century, crib began being applied as a verb meaning “to confine” or “to put into a crib.”

What is crib slang for?

Popular Slang Origins: Crib The word “crib” refers to a house or any kind of dwelling normally attributed to rappers and hip-hop culture, but there was another poetic bard who used it before them – Shakespeare.

What is a crib in Australia?

“Crib” was the common word for a meal break. We had a “crib-room” where we used to have our meals and we took our lunch (and sundry other items) to work in a “crib-bag”.

What is a crib in England?

crib in British English (krɪb ) noun. 1. a child’s bed with slatted wooden sides; cot.

What is a crib in America?

An infant bed (commonly called a cot in British English, and, in American English, a crib or cradle, or far less commonly, stock) is a small bed especially for infants and very young children. Infant beds are a historically recent development intended to contain a child capable of standing.

Does crib mean complain?

To crib means to complain non stop. It is a slang used to describe the habit of a non stop complaining person. This crib has nothing to the cradle of babies, but has something to do with the crib (stable) of horses. The word probably had its origin from the habit of horses which did not have a proper digestion.

Is crib a slang house?

The definition of a crib is a bed for a baby that has slats on the side to keep the baby from falling out or getting out, or is a slang term for a house or apartment. When you want people to come back to your house, this is an example of a time when you might invite them back to your crib.

Where did the term crib come from?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first time “crib” was used to mean “a small dwelling” came in his 1597 play Henry VI.

Is crib same as cot?

Crib and cot both refer to a small bed that is specially made for infants and young children. The key difference between crib and cot stems from their usage; the term cot is mainly used in British English whereas the term crib is often used in American English. There is no other difference between crib and cot.

How do you say baby in England?

The word bairn, for a literal or figurative “child,” remains in use in contemporary Scotland and Northern England. It is considered a more regional term than child.

How do you say baby in British?

Babe is simply a shortening of baby and is heard far more commonly in Britain today.

Who invented cribs?

Psychologist B.F. Skinner invented the “air crib” in 1944—a completely enclosed crib with three solid walls and a ceiling, and a safety glass front, that allowed both temperature and humidity to be controlled for baby.

What is the meaning of cribbing?

To shut up in or as in a crib; confine. To furnish with a crib or cribs. To have the habit of crib biting. To do schoolwork dishonestly, as by using a crib. A rack, trough, or box for fodder; manger. Martha lifted her daughter from her crib, cuddled her briefly, and sat in a corner rocker.

What is a crib for kids?

Kids Definition of crib 1 : a small bed frame with high sides for a child 2 : a building or bin for storage corn crib 3 : a long open box for feeding animals

What is the meaning of horse crib?

(intransitive, of a horse) To seize the manger or other solid object with the teeth and draw in wind. The definition of a crib is a bed for a baby that has slats on the side to keep the baby from falling out or getting out, or is a slang term for a house or apartment.

What is cribwork?

(Card Games) cribbagethe discard pile 16. (Building) Also called: cribworka framework of heavy timbers laid in layers at right angles to one another, used in the construction of foundations, mines, etc 17. (Forestry) a storage area for floating logs contained by booms