What is a good score in MHT CET MBA?

What is a good score in MHT CET MBA?

Candidates seeking admission to top colleges accepting MAH MBA CET must aim for a 99+ percentile or 99.5+ percentile in the exam. To achieve this, candidates must aim for a minimum score of 95+ or 100+ in the exam.

What is the highest score in MBA CET?

On the basis of MAH CET 2021 score trends -for example low scores leading to higher percentile or high score getting low percentile, the MAH CET 2021 score cut offs is decided by DTE for top MBA colleges. The highest score in MAH CET 2021 is between 155 and 159 out of 200 marks leading to 99.99 percentile.

Is CET MBA tough?

The MBA CET 2020for MBA admission was marked with a lengthy and difficult Logical & Abstract Reasoning. While Quantitative Aptitude section remained moderate, Verbal Ability was on higher difficulty side. Overall exam difficulty level was similar to last year with expected cut off at JBIMS remaining around 138+.

Which colleges accept CET score for MBA?

Top 10 MBA Colleges you can apply to through MH-CET:

  • JBIMS Mumbai: Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.
  • SIMSREE Mumbai: Sydenham Institute of Management Studies And Research And Entrepreneurship Education, Mumbai.
  • Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai.

What percentile is 150 marks in MHT CET?

In 2018, candidates having MHT CET score between 165 (Highest) and 153 were awarded 99.99 percentile….MHT CET 2021 Marks vs Percentile Analysis.

MHT CET 2021 Marks MHT CET 2021 Percentile
130-150 98.00-99.00
110-140 96.00-98.00
100-110 95.00-96.00

Is 50 marks good in MHT CET?

MHT CET Marks vs Rank 2022 – Candidates can check the rank on the basis of marks obtained in the exam….MHT CET percentile vs rank (Previous Year)

MHT CET Percentile MHT CET Rank
70-61 40,001-47,000
60-51 47,001-53,000
50-41 53,001-59,000
40-31 59,001-64,000

Is 71 percentile good in MBA CET?

Based on your percentile, your marks should be between 80 – 90 . Based on your percentile,your can expect rank between 30,001 – 40,000. If your rank below 40,000 you have a chance to get seat in top private/government colleges.

How can I clear my CET MBA?

MAH MBA CET preparation tips to start MAH CET 2021 preparation at home are:

  1. Go through the revised MAH CET exam pattern.
  2. Read thoroughly the MAH CET syllabus 2021.
  3. Pick out your strong and weak areas in all the three sections.
  4. Gather the best books and preparation study material for MAH CET 2021 preparation.

Is it easy to crack CET?

The difficulty level of the exam is almost equivalent to that of JEE Main. Candidates need a good preparation strategy to crack the exam. Know the Syllabus & Exam Pattern: All aspirants must have a good understanding of the exam pattern and MHT CET 2022 syllabus before starting their preparation.

Does Dalmia accept CET score?

For admission to NL Dalmia, candidates must have a valid score in one among CAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ MAH-CET, MAT and ATMA exam.

How can I get 180 plus in MHT CET?

How to Score 180+ Marks in MHT-CET

  1. Carefully Select Study Material. Rather than reading all books, Stick with the reference books which are suggested by your teachers.
  2. Manage Time Wisely. Students need to effectively utilize their time before & on the exam day to score 180+ marks in MHT-CET Exam.
  3. Work Hard but Study Smart.

What is 95 percentile in MHT CET?

Your marks is between 100-110 in MHT CET.

What is Karan Kokane’s percentile in the Mah MBA CET exam?

With a percentile score of 99.993 in the MAH MBA CET exam Karan stood among the three toppers. For the benefit of MBA aspirants, MBAUniverse.com asked Karan Kokane about his preparation strategy and advice to do well in MBA entrance exams.

What is CET for MBA/MMS admission in Maharashtra?

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government will conduct its own common entrance test ( CET) for MBA/MMS admissions from the next academic year.

What is Karan’s MHT CET score?

With no gap in studies Karan scored a 192 out 200 in the MHT CET 2009 (Engg entrance) exam in the same year and got 69th rank in the whole state of Maharashtra. Karan opted for computer engineering from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), and secured a CGPA of 8.6 on a scale of 10 in COEP and was amongst the top 15% in a class of 90 students.

Will Maharashtra go back to CMAT for MBA admissions?

While this year, admissions to these courses were done only on basis of the scores in the common management admission test (CMAT) conducted by the All India Council of Technical Education, the state will revert to the earlier system. The decision has been taken after Maharashtra saw a 50% drop in the number of MBA aspirants this year.