What is a muffler straps?

What is a muffler straps?

Muffler straps are a part of the exhaust system that fits around the inlet or outlet of your vehicle’s muffler. It bolts around the exhaust pipe and uses a hook to attach to the exhaust hanger, keeping your muffler more stable and secure.

Where are Invidia exhausts manufactured?

Located east of Los Angeles California, Invidia USA builds most exhaust systems to order and ships as soon as it is completed. Manufacturing is done via jigs, so you are assured perfect fitment every time! All Invidia exhausts are engineered to produce top-end power gains without sacrificing low end power,…

Why choose Invidia exhaust?

Why Choose Invidia Exhaust? With a sea of aftermarket exhaust systems in the marketplace from all over the world, it can be difficult even for the discerning customer to decypher what makes the difference between a quality system, a cheap system, and when you’re just paying for an brand name.

What are the best tuned muffler exhaust systems?

Invidia R400 tuned muffler exhaust systems offer a rich exhaust note which enhances the natural tone of your car’s engine. Utilising Grade 5 pure titanium, Invidia G5 Titan Exhaust systems not only look fantastic, but ensure optimal strength and durability whilst keeping weight to a minimum.