What is a musk ox?

What is a musk ox?

The Musk Ox (Ovibos moschatus) are large cattle-like animals that are part of the Bovidae family. They can be found on the treeless tundra from Alaska east through northern Canada to Greenland.

How did the Inuit kill the musk ox?

Inuit were reported to kill musk oxen with relative ease using a lance as their dogs held the herd at bay [34, 36, 37]. Greenland cultures hunted with wooden lances [14]. Utkuhikhalingmiut, a localized group of Netsilik Inuit, were thought to have driven herds into lakes before spearing them [28].

How do musk OXES mate and reproduce?

A female musk ox leads the entire herd once it is pregnant and methods of breeding and mating are hierarchy-based and depend upon the males dominating the herds. A female gives birth to a beautiful calf every summer after mating in the winter.

What are the Predators of a musk ox?

The muskox lives in areas near a waterbody during summer, such as river valleys where they co-exist with other wildlife. During the winter, the musk ox moves to higher elevations to avoid snow. The primary predators of these muskoxen are humans and arctic wolves.