What is a Traka cabinet?

What is a Traka cabinet?

Traka’s intelligent key cabinets offer an advanced security solution to secure, control and manage keys for any organization. Through advanced system design and technology, Traka offers a wide range of key cabinets designed to meet the needs and size of your organization.

What is a Traka box?

The Traka box is an intelligent key management system in an affordable plug and play unit. The Traka key box combines innovative RFID technology with robust, compact aluminium housing and provides advanced management of 21 keys or keysets that can be traced and accounted for.

What are key boxes?

A key lockbox is a simple storage device about the size of an iphone that can be attached to a door handle or wall. A key is locked into the container and then opened with a code that gets inputted manually. Like bike locks, key lockboxes differ widely in strength, size, and dial format.

How does key control work?

How Does a Key Control System Work? When an authorized employee needs a particular key or key card, he or she must check it out of the locked “smart” box — using a PIN, badge, fingerprint or other biometric form of authentication to gain access.

What is Traka 32?

Traka32 software can run on a single PC or networked server, it provides extensive real time data capture of the events to a SQL server database. In addition, the software is equipped with options to have main oversight by a super administrator that maintains control over all keys, assets, users and administrators.

What is a KeyWatcher system?

KeyWatcher Illuminated is a modular, scalable integrated key control and management solution that’s designed for interoperability with access control and other systems. It’s the solution that gives you more value, more storage and more convenient accessibility to your electronic key management system.

Are key lock boxes safe?

Lock boxes are security accessories that provide a safe place to secure keys outside the home. These boxes typically unlock with a simple code, providing access to the key or keys held inside. The best key lock box models are durable, secure, and weather resistant.

How do I stop someone from copying my key?

Key Copy Machines Ignore the DND Stamp. This is the least expensive option to prevent unauthorized key duplication that consists of a standard key being labeled as DND (do not duplicate). The DND stamp was put there to tell locksmiths that these are do no copy keys, and not to copy the key without authorization.

What is a key control plan?

A Key Control Plan is required for all explosives magazines, not just for high explosives. The plan must show how security will be maintained and how access to explosives and raw material will be controlled.

How do you remove a Morse key ring?

Apply pressure on lever handle to firmly hold your SmartKey from moving. Using a small hacksaw or Dremel, cut the top side of the stainless steel u-ring, flush with the edge of the SmartKey. After cutting the u-ring through, remove the u-ring by pulling it out of SmartKey and discard it.

Which key safes are police approved?

The Supra C500 coded Key Safe is the original Police Preferred key safe that can boast the title ‘As secure as your front door’. It has been designed following extensive consultation with users and has a large enough storage capacity for up to 6 keys. If you need a secure key lock box, then look no further.

Why choose the key-box key dispenser 9006 s series?

The Key-Box key dispenser 9006 S series is the most affordable key management system in the market and is an ideal solution for Hotel/Motel after hour guest check-in for their accomodation keys, also useful in all sorts of other businesses

Why keybox automated key cabinet systems?

Key-Box offers a wide range of automated automotive key cabinet systems to meet all automotive dealerships key management requirements for controlling their valuable vehicle keys/assets Secured automotive key management systems secured mechanical key cabinets offer an affordable security solution

Can the key-box key system work with my existing access card?

The Key-Box key systems can be fitted with a card access reader to work with clients existing access control access cards.